Dimesional Letter Building Signs DenverDid you know that dimensional letters are slowly stealing the show from other types of signage product? What is so special about this product? What can your company or organization do with it?

Multiple Material Options

The advantage of dimensional letters is the broad range of materials that support their design and manufacture.

  • Foam. Foam is an ideal material for the manufacture of dimensional letters. Due to its thickness, it is a favorite of companies aiming for the dramatic effects of a three-dimensional look. Foam is paintable, which makes it easy to apply the look of your company’s colors to the material.
  • Metal. Metal brings sophistication to the table. Create this appearance with a variety of materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, copper or bronze.
  • Metal Letter Building Signs DenverAcrylic. This material has the advantage of presenting with a high gloss or a matte surface, depending on the lighting conditions of your space. By the way, did you know that you can combine the thickness of foam with a laminate of acrylic or even metal?

What Types of Signs Call for Dimensional Letters?

The most commonly commissioned signage product that calls for dimensional letters is the lobby sign. The reception area marker communicates your marketing and branding messages to visitors that come to your office or store. Rather than relying on a flat board for the look of the design, many of our business clients use the individual letters instead. That said, some also like to combine the use of an acrylic board with dimensional lettering.

Exterior letters are also an excellent product choice. When you need something for a monument sign, the use of dimensional letters makes sense. They are noticeable, perfect for sizing and fit into virtually any space. For the Metal Dimensional Letter Exterior Signs Denver Metro Areabuilding’s façade, a larger set of letters fits the bill. This look is a favorite of property managers in charge of office buildings. The letters attach flush to the façade, stand off a bit with offset mounts or stand up on a ledge.

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