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Construction sites typically come with hazardous situations due to the constantly changing environment, temporary structures, and the tools, materials and heavy machinery used. Making use of custom construction signs at construction worksites is a critical element in keeping workers and visitors safe. Most construction sites include potentially hazardous areas that can cause harm if not properly identified or marked. Site specific custom construction signs can function as communication tools for workers, visitors, and the community by reducing dangerous situations and helping to maintain a safe work environment.

It’s crucial to invest in proper construction site signage that will hold up to the typical wear and tear of such an environment. Effective Colorado signs and wraps that will be used as part of a construction site need to meet the following criteria:

  • Made using inks and films that can resist varying temperatures, as well as possible hazards such as chemical spills.
  • Custom construction signs should also be built using materials that offer durability and longevity.
  • Available in a wide variety of sizes to ensure that both general information and safety messages can be easily visible from multiple vantage points.

Magnify Signs can help you create any type of custom construction signs you need for your work sites, such as:

  • Danger and safety warning signs specific to each site.
  • Workplace safety rules and regulations.
  • Site access signs.
  • Vehicle access signs.
  • Wayfinding signs.
  • Site office signs.
  • Custom site/use specific signs can also be designed based on your needs.
CBRE Interpark Graphic Monument Sign

In addition to using custom construction signs to ensure a safe workplace, you can also use signage as an information tool and a means of promoting your construction project to the community. Colorado signs and wraps created by Magnify Signs are an ideal way to elevate the image of your project, and create intrigue before the final results are revealed.

  • Temporary signage such as outdoor banners or A-Frame signs can be easily moved around to strategic locations on the site. They’re cost-effective enough to order at several different times throughout project development.
  • Scaffolding graphics can help create brand awareness and logo recognition.
  • Large format graphics can be used on barricades and partitions adjacent to sidewalks and walkways.
  • Post or fence mounted signs can be attached to plywood or aluminum, and are ideal for showcasing large photos or architectural renderings.

There are so many ways that custom construction signs can help your construction or redevelopment projects succeed. Magnify Signs works with you to ensure you’ve got all the necessary signs in place in order to create a safe, productive, and attractive work site.

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