Office signs including lobby logo signs, board room signs, conference room signs, or receptionist area signs) are the perfect way to express and communicate your company’s brand in your office. Lobby signs are the interior signage of the building, and either mounted in the front area designated “lobby,” by the receptionist desk, or other main entrance of the building. Lobby signs are custom business signs designed for your company, by you and our design team at Magnify Signs, giving you the opportunity to make a great first impression to anyone who walks in the front doors.

Why a Customized Office Sign?

Your brand is your identity and we make it possible to build a stronger brand with a customized business sign. Custom lobby signs gives you complete control of the colors, logo, and text font, all constructed with a suitable substrate of your choice and mounted in the lobby area of your business. The best way to impress customers and help them value your business is by displaying a custom business sign with your unique branding. The signs experts at Magnify Signs are your best option for getting custom lobby signs in Denver, CO and the surrounding metro area.

They’re always custom.

  • Design
    The design of your custom lobby sign or reception sign is crafted by you and the design team at Magnify Signs. As stated before, you have complete control of all aspects of the sign. The design should include your business name and logo and clearly express your brand to all who see the sign.
  • Substrate
    A nice feature about interior lobby signs is the wide variety of substrates to choose from to craft the sign. We could make anything from an acrylic sign, gatorfoam sign, brushed aluminum sign, layered acrylic sign, or sign foam sign for unique shapes to act as your office lobby sign.

They’re placed in a high traffic area.

The lobby sign is meant to be the center interior sign for your business. Even if it isn’t placed in the lobby, it must be placed somewhere central to your business that has the most traffic, typically by an entrance or exit. One of our clients opted to have their custom lobby sign placed on the wall by the elevator entrance to their office, because they did not have a specific lobby.

They will make or break your first impression.

Since lobby signs are placed at the forefront of your business, it is usually the first thing people see when they walk in the front doors. Having a sleek custom lobby sign there that effectively communicates your company brand is vital to the customer’s first impression of your business. Potential customers and clients can walk in and become either very impressed or very underwhelmed by your business just by seeing the sign.

From the Magnifying Glass Blog

Evolution Digital’s Signage has Evolved (posted on January 14, 2016)

“Evolution Digital wanted something simple, and that’s portrayed their logo for all to see in a lobby area. The new lobby sign is two pieces. The logo is a sleek cut acrylic in the maroon red matching the company colors. The lettering is custom cut acrylic with brushed metal laminate face.”

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