Illuminated Signs in Commerce City, CO

Stylish Illuminated Signs For Interior and Exterior Use

We deliver signs that strengthen your brand image, increase awareness, and attract more traffic to your business. We have over 30 years in the industry, creating stylish and affordable branding solutions for small businesses and nationally recognized brands. If you’re looking for a full-service sign company to collaborate with on Illuminated Signs in Commerce City, CO, Magnify Sign Company has got you covered.

Post and Panel Signs Are Classic Exterior Signs

Post and panel signs are free-standing signs characterized by two posts creating a frame for a panel with your custom graphics and print. We don’t just utilize the panel to bring out your brand personality and attract custom; You can also customize the post structure in shape, size, colors, and materials. 

Post and panel signs are great for exterior use. They are: 

  • Weather-resistant materials
  • Hardy free-standing structure
  • UV-resistant vinyl graphic

Weather-Resistant Materials

Exterior post and panel signs are manufactured using sturdy, weather-resistant materials. The vinyl graphics on the panel are printed on high-quality materials and techniques to ensure the design doesn’t fade for years. 

A classic post structure is created out of wood or aluminum. However, wood can be a fickle material that can be hard to maintain in an exterior setting. Thankfully, advances in materials and technology allow us to build the posts out of a wood substrate or faux wood that is more durable in every weather but still has wood’s rustic and warm characteristics. 

Placement of Post and Panel Signs

Post and panel signs are wonderful directional tools, so consider the customer journey when placing post and panel signs. Make sure they are easily visible and not obstructed by surrounding nature or structures.

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