Metal Signs in Louisville, CO

High-Impact and Affordable Metal Signs for Your Business

We’ve been in the signs and graphics industry for over 30-years. Our goal is to deliver high-quality, affordable custom branding solutions for every purpose. If you’re looking for Metal Signs in Louisville, CO that captures your brand image and attracts new customers, our team will collaborate with you from design, fabrication, and installation. We find the right materials and techniques to create stylish and impactful signs and graphics. 

Light Cabinet Signs for Exterior Use

One of the most classic signs seen as you drive through a city or neighborhood is light cabinet signs. They are easily recognized by their box-like shape and illuminated features. However, a light cabinet sign can be customized and personalized to strengthen your brand image and shine a bright light on your business. 

With a light cabinet sign, you have complete design control of the following:

  • Size
  • Logo
  • Graphics
  • Text
  • Imagery
  • Lighting
  • Where to install a light cabinet sign

You’ll see light cabinet signs installed just about anywhere, like above the main entrance door,  mounted on a building face, or free standing on top of a pole or monument structure. The type of cabinet sign you choose will depend on your location and the purpose. 

Light cabinet signs that sit on top of poles greatly increase visibility for motorists and commuters on busy streets and intersections. 

Materials used for light cabinet signs

The cabinet itself is typically constructed out of aluminum for durability, strength, and weather resistance. Your name, logo, and other graphics and design features will be printed on a polycarbonate face and inserted into the cabinet. 

The cabinet will be wired for lighting that comes from within the box. Customize the lighting to add an extra dimension and energy to the sign.  

Get Custom Professional Signs That Raise Your Brand Profile in Louisville, CO 

Work with us to design, manufacture, install, and maintain signs and graphics that match your Louisville, CO business and flow with the rest of your branding.