Monument Signs alert motorists to the presence of your business. This wayfinding tool can make the difference between a consumer driving past your venue and changing lanes in time to turn into your parking lot. What are your options?

Material Selection

In the past, concrete and stucco were the materials of choice. Manufacturing monuments in this manner ensures longevity. Yet there are now other options as well. Pre-fabricated foam monuments come in a broad range of sizes and designs. They, too, are durable. In addition, the installation is quick. A new form of monument marker relies on the use of metal to create a look that is utilitarian and avant-garde.

Why a Customized Sign?

Your brand is your identity and we make it possible to build a stronger brand with a customized business sign. Having a custom Monument sign on hand will allow you to extend your brand’s reach to the curbside in front of your business. The best way to attract customers and help them find your business is by displaying a custom business sign expressing your unique brand. The signs experts at Magnify Signs are your best option for getting custom monument signs in Englewood, Littleton, and the surrounding Denver metro area.

Routed panels fit into an area that appeals to vacationers. Box cabinets allow for extensive text additions, which is essential when you want to highlight professional affiliations or the names of service providers. For a sophisticated look, we recommend the use of dimensional lettering made from metal or acrylic. Foam lettering is another option. We either paint it or add laminates. When using foam, you have the added advantage of enhancing the 3D effect of the sign. Properly illuminated, this creates a stunning appearance.

Local jurisdictions require you to pull a permit for this exterior signage product. This is something that requires scale drawings, product details and specific information officials look for. Our experts handle the permitting process from start to finish. There is no need for you to spend any time on hold with city hall. Additionally, we can tell you ahead of time if the signage you are envisioning is something that might require a variance.

Our professionals are not just in the business of designing and building monuments from scratch, but we also work with business clients who need to have existing signs refurbished. This is frequently the case when companies move into new office spaces and there is already some signage on site. We work with you to see if the existing products can become part of your signage suite or if it would be worthwhile to start over.

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The sign experts at Magnify Signs understand that your business requires custom signage, highlighting your brand and location. We proudly serve the business communities in and around Metro Denver: Denver, Englewood, Littleton, Lakewood Centennial, etc.

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