Post and Panel Signs are exterior signs consisting of two posts upholding a substrate with signage mounted onto the face. Post and panel signs are commonly made up of two wooden posts attached to an aluminum substrate with a graphic vinyl print mounted on the face. These are used to mark construction areas or land open for sale. However, just as every sign from Magnify Signs is custom, so is every post and panel sign.

Why a Customized Sign?

Your brand is your identity and we make it possible to build a stronger brand with a customized business sign. Custom post and panel signs allow you to express your brand in a variety of locations. The best way to attract customers and help them find your business is by displaying a custom business sign expressing your unique brand. The signs experts at Magnify Signs are your best option for getting custom post and panel signs in Englewood, CO and the surrounding Denver metro area.

  • They can be mounted anywhere the poles can set in the ground.
    The nice thing about post and panel signs is that they aren’t locked to a specific space on a building wall, they can be placed anywhere their posts can be mounted firmly into the ground. This allows you to take your brand beyond your company building.
  • They have a big presence in the surrounding environment.
    The size of the post and panel sign is up to you and your signage needs. No matter the size, post and panel signs are usually put over a flat area with minimal surrounding features, so the sign is easily noticed.
  • They stand tall in turbulent conditions.
    Both parts of a post and panel, the two posts and panel, are made from a sturdy material which will stay firmly in the ground in a multitude of conditions, and the print on the face won’t fade for 5 years. Whether there is a thunderstorm, blizzard, or the beating sun, your post and panel sign will stand tall amongst it all.
  • They are completely customizable.
    The basic structure of a post and panel is simply that- two posts mounted onto a panel. The panel is completely customizable with full color graphics and words. You create the message and we will put it in place.

From the Magnifying Glass Blog

Auto Crushers Crushing Englewood’s Exterior Signage (posted on June 20th, 2016)

“This custom aluminum post and panel sign is a 16-foot-wide and 12-foot-high. The sign consists of six aluminum panels put together, with custom print graphics mounted onto the face of each panel. The wooden poles holding the sign in the air are 20 feet tall. The sign sits on the street side of their facility so customers can quickly see their business.”

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