Warranty Information

Magnify Signs commits to creating signage of the highest quality and to ensure ultimate  customer satisfaction. We work with our customers to design the best sign and use the proper  materials. We educate our customers how to properly care for their new signage, to ensure the best result for the longest time possible.

Our signs are covered by Magnify Signs warranties as listed below. Products and materials such as banners stands, outdoor stands, trade show displays, vehicle wraps come with the vendor warranty (available per request). For products not included in the following list, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Interior & Exterior Signage

  • 1-year warranty for exterior signs.
  • 2-year warranty for interior signs.
  • Our warranty covers:
    • Fading colors.
    • Paint peeling from all visible surfaces of the signs (lettering, backgrounds, edges, frames, supports, etc).
    • Letters/graphics detaching from surfaces.
    • Substrates cracking or de-laminating.
    • For vinyl signs, letters, and murals: peeling, curling, shrinking or cracking.
    • For metal signs: breaking welds on metal framing, structures and supports when properly installed.

Banners and CoroPlast Signs

Outdoor banners and CoroPlast signs are usually temporary signs and as such are NOT covered by a warranty. Their normal life span is 3 to 24 months if you use them outside 24/7. They last longer if you limit outdoor exposure. Indoor banners can last indefinitely if cared for properly.

Digital Print Signs

  • 5-year warranty for all laminated digital printed signs. The warranty covers fading.
  • No warranty for non-laminated prints.

Vehicle Vinyl Lettering, Fleet Lettering

  • 2-year warranty with normal use.
  • 1-year warranty with heavy use (fleet trucks, race cars, etc.)
  • What the warranty covers: covers peeling, excessive fading and cracking. In case of cracking or peeling within the first year, contact us immediately.
  • What the warranty does not cover: improper use, vinyl scraps or punctures, corrosive liquid damage to vinyl, etc.
  • Some shrinkage is normal
  • No warranty on metalized film

Vehicle Wraps

  • Manufacture warranties apply to wrapping materials.
  • Customer supplied materials have no warranty
  • 4-years warranty for matte, satin, and gloss wrap finish.
  • 1-year warranty on installation. Contact us immediately for peeling, cracking, lifting or fading.
  • For all warranties to apply, the vehicle needs to be in good condition before wrapping. No rust, scratches, or dents.
  • Normal features of wrapping, that do not raise warranty application:
    • Cutting around rivets and inside curves to avoid normal shrinking.
    • Seams and patches.
    • Cuttings around curves.
    • Some shrinking is normal.
  • No warranty for improper use or care.

Vehicle Magnets

  • 1-year warranty with proper care. Magnify Signs is not responsible if you misuse magnetic signs.
  • The warranty covers fading and peeling of the magnets.
  • Proper care means:
    • Limit the use of flexible magnetic signs on your vehicles to no more than two weeks at a time.
    • Remove the signs weekly, clean the back of the signs, wash the vehicle, and dry well. Re-install completely flat against the vehicle surface.
    • When not used, store the magnets on a flat smooth surface.

Wooden Sign

  • 1-year warranty for outdoor signs with proper care.
  • 5-year warranty for indoor signs with proper care.
  • Proper care entails:
    • Periodic inspection
    • Periodic resealing or repainting of all exposed sign parts.
  • No warranty applies once deterioration due to poor maintenance starts.


  • Damage from vandalism or unexpected outdoor elements is not covered by warranty.
  • Graphics installed by the customer on signs created by Magnify Signs are not covered by warranty.
  • Altering or tampering graphics is not covered by warranty.

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