Elevate Your Business With
Professional Banners

Banners are the standard for temporary wide format print signs. Banner signs are made from an inexpensive fabric material with either custom cut vinyl or custom graphic prints mounted on the face. Banners can be used as a long-term or permanent sign, or used for company event signage. These signs don’t take long to produce, are re-useable, and, as always, custom.

Should I Invest in a Business Banner?

Custom banner signs offer the perfect opportunity to present the latest business news, since they are created as needed and used for various events throughout the year.

Since banners are versatile and quick to produce, you can update them on a regular basis. Use them when you are having a sale or when you are opening a new store, moving to new premises, or expanding your existing ones. Banners are eye-catching and can display all the colors and visual graphics your business requires.

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Banners Are Quick to Produce

Once we finish creating a design for your banner, all we need is up to five business days to place the actual banner sign into your hands.

Banners Are a Must for Event Signage

Banners are relatively inexpensive and easy to produce, making them ideal for event signage. Banners can often be found overlooking a trade show booth with the company name, logo, and event title sprawled across the face.

Mesh Banners

Mesh banners are made from a reinforced polyester-based banner mesh material and are coated with PVC. Double-sided mesh banners achieve around 35% airflow through them. As a result, they are lightweight, long-lasting, and durable, as they are particularly resistant to tearing, even in high winds.

This makes them ideal for outdoor applications such as construction site fences. Since they can be printed with full logos and colors, they advertise the architects or the company building the project in the best way.

Mesh banners are also used for outdoor event signage such as bike or running races. They outline the course and separate competitors from spectators while advertising the organizers, sponsors, etc.

Banners Can Be Reused

While banner signs are typically made for temporary use, they can also be easily rolled up and stored away to be used whenever the occasion calls for a custom banner sign. As long as you don’t put specific dates or locations, you can re-use your banner.

Of course, since banners are relatively inexpensive to produce, you can just as easily invest in a new one for the next event or special business occasion.

Banners are custom-made, making them highly versatile and perfect for your business promotion and marketing. We’ll work with you to create a design for a banner that perfectly expresses you and your company.
Importantly, banners can be as small or as large as you like. Large sizes and custom sizes present no problem, unlike other kinds of signage.

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The retractable banner stand is the ideal sign solution for events. Since it is able to stand on its own, it is the perfect addition for trade show displays. The retractable banner stand can help communicate information about your company and attract others to your trade show booth, thus acting as an expansion of your booth area.

A new gadget in the entrepreneur’s tool belt, retractable banner stands give a sleek and professional look to your brand with a sterling silver weighted base and graphics printed on the latest vinyl material.

Retractable Banner Stands are designed to be mobile. The custom print banner is attached to the weighted base which the banner is rolled into. The base then fits in its suitcase and is ready to go!

The weighted base and sturdy banner insert make for a durable mobile sign that will stand noticeably tall when clients walk by your display. People will notice them and the colors and visuals will catch their attention and bring them to your business event. Magnify Signs can replace the banner in the stand if your logo or message changes in the future. As the stands are reusable with new graphics, this eliminates having to buy new stands every time.

The banner itself is a custom-print graphic designed specifically for your business. Banners are customizable and relatively inexpensive to produce, making them highly versatile. They are an effective budget-friendly marketing signage option that can bring in customers during events, trade shows, or even outside your main office or shop.