Exterior Signs Extend Your
Business Reach

Your exterior business signs are what customers will first see about you. They represent your business, school, church, or organization and promote your brand and what you stand for. Your exterior signs will attract customers and catch people’s attention. They are also the first point of contact with potential customers and the best way to advertise yourself.

Metal Signs

Aluminum signs are signs created on an aluminum substrate with custom-cut vinyl or custom-print graphics mounted onto the face. Just as acrylic signs are typically used indoors, aluminum signs are commonly used for exterior signage because of the strong durability of the substrate.

How Are Aluminum Signs Made?

Aluminum panel signs are sturdy, lightweight, custom business signs made from aluminum panels or aluminum composite material (ACM) panels. Consider the overall ROI your exterior sign will bring. This makes the material more rigid and durable. We cut the panel to your preferred size and place your custom full-color graphic prints on the face, resulting in a dynamic custom exterior or interior sign for your business.

Aluminum Signs Are Sturdy,
UV-Resistant, Flexible, and Versatile

Aluminum is a firm substrate for signs. Its durability makes aluminum an ideal material for exterior signs that will withstand most exterior weather conditions.

The aluminum we use for signs is UV-resistant, which means that the metal won’t break down in the intense Colorado sun. Also, our custom full-color graphics are laminated for extra protection from the sun before we mount them onto the sign face so that the colors won’t fade. There is nothing more unsettling than seeing your business sign bleach out in the sun.

Aluminum is highly flexible and versatile and can be routed into any shape you desire. Most aluminum signs have simple rectangular designs with either custom-cut vinyl or custom graphic prints mounted on the face. However, we can also route custom shapes and letters from aluminum based on your signage needs and your business logo.

How to Choose Your Aluminum Sign

Our suggestion is to select a size that fits well with the décor, layout, and dimensions of your space. High-resolution logos and images are your best options to avoid a grainy look. To increase readability, it’s best to avoid saturating the sign with lots of text.

Aluminum is an inexpensive option for an exterior sign that displays information about your business throughout the year. It is a fantastic option with great versatility and robust characteristics.

Monument Signs

Monument signs alert motorists to the presence of your business or church. This directional tool can make the difference between a customer driving past your venue and turning into your parking lot. A monument sign that announces a church’s name and mission is a powerful tool for these organizations. A custom monument sign extends your brand’s reach to the curbside in front of your business. Do you really want to miss out on potential customers?

In the past, concrete and stucco were the materials of choice. Manufacturing monuments in this manner ensures longevity.

However, several other options are now available, including pre-fabricated foam monuments that come in a broad range of sizes and designs. These are durable and their installation is quick.

Another novel form of monument marker relies on the use of metal to create a look that is utilitarian and avant-garde.

Local jurisdictions often require you to pull a permit for this exterior signage product. This is something that requires scale drawings, product details, and specific information that officials look for.

Our experts handle the permitting process from start to finish. There is no need for you to spend any time at the city hall. Additionally, we can tell you ahead of time if the signage you are envisioning is something that might require a variance.

Monument signs offer you freedom of choice in terms of lettering, materials used, size, and color. Whether you want a lot of text or a sleek slogan, we will create the monument sign that perfectly matches your business.

For example, dimensional lettering made from metal acrylic, or even foam, gives you a sophisticated look. We either paint it or add laminates. When using foam, you have the added advantage of enhancing the 3D effect of the sign. Properly illuminated, this creates a stunning effect.

Monument signs are ideal for churches, schools, buildings and office parks. Their look can range from a traditional, classic masonry-inspired look to a contemporary digital LED display. This flexibility lets us design the perfect monument sign to enhance your church grounds and become a source of civic pride. Project your church’s name and message into your community with a monument sign!

Monument Church Sign in Denver

Make the Most out of an Existing Monument Sign

Our sign experts do more than design and build monument signs from scratch. We also work with business clients who need to have existing signs refurbished. This is frequently the case when companies move into new office spaces and find older signage already on site.

We work with you to see if the existing signage can become part of your brand identity or if it would be easier to start over.

Whatever the situation, we create monument signs that make your business stand out from the competition and bring in customers!

Light Cabinet Signs

Light cabinet signs are used as exterior signage. They include strip mall signs, pole signs, restaurant signs, and monument signs to name a few. Light cabinet signs feature a sturdy aluminum wired light cabinet with an insert for the business name and logo to be printed and displayed on.

Light cabinet signs are often placed above a company’s front doors. They are also common in parking lot entrances, positioned on a pole or monument that commonly includes neighboring companies’ information.

A light cabinet sign allows for complete control of the graphics, logo, and text. They are all printed out and inserted into a lighted box that serves as a beacon for your business. You can design the light cabinet sign that best matches your business and fits with the rest of your branding.

Light cabinet signs are easy to install and maintain. We will design a sign that you like, print it onto the polycarbonate face, and slip it into the cabinet with the lights shining behind for everyone to see. Your business will be visible from afar and attract customers right away.

Light cabinet signs can be updated anytime. To update the graphics on your light cabinet sign, take the existing one off the polycarbonate face and mount a new wide-format print graphic. We can do that at your request in just a few days’ time.

This gives you the flexibility to adjust your marketing plans and promote your business with light cabinet signs throughout the year. Keep your customers informed of any promotion or sale happening in your business and hook new ones by grabbing their attention!

Channel Letter Signs

Channel letter signs are main exterior signs made of aluminum. They can either be illuminated or not. Channel letter signs are typically used as outdoor signage and placed right on the building facade. Their design is completely up to the business owner, offering a three-dimensional presentation of the company’s brand.

The best way to attract customers and help them find you is by displaying a custom business sign expressing your unique brand. A channel letter sign lets you turn your logo into a three-dimensional visual representation of your brand.

Channel sign bodies are made from sturdy aluminum that will stand up to the elements and withstand the outdoors.

This material is also sufficiently lightweight to make it suitable for installation as exterior office signs or exterior retail signs.

Channel letter signs are constructed to be three-dimensional, making the exterior sign more visually engaging to potential customers as they travel by. The design presents an opportunity to make a bold expression of your company brand by including your brand colors, fonts, and logos. Uniformity in your brand speaks volumes about your professionalism and dedication to your business.

You can choose whether you want your channel letters to be lit, unlit, or haloed.

Unlit channel letters feature full-aluminum bodies that are painted with your customized brand colors. Companies that only operate during the day or those utilizing façade lighting to illuminate their business sign usually opt for this type of product.

LED lights for channel letters can remain on around the clock or turn on after sunset, so that the light can emphasize the colors and turn the channel letters into a beacon for customers.

For a chic look, consider the halo effect, via reverse-lit channel letters.

We achieve this striking effect by directing the LEDs to shine backward toward the wall. Mounting the letters with two-inch offsets lets the light escape through the back and surrounds the channel sign with a soft glow.

This gives a sophisticated and chic look to your sign and uplifts the image of your business.

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A-Frame signs

A-Frame signs are double-sided frames made of PVC, with coroplast sign inserts, made to stand up on their own two feet. A-Frames are designed for the outdoors and can make the perfect curbside addition to your exterior signage. With an A-frame sign, you extend your company’s reach to the curbside.

A-frame signs are made of sturdy plastic casing, suitable for most outdoor conditions. They are built from a strong PVC material, made to brave the outside elements. High-quality sign frames will last even in extreme conditions.

If you fear strong winds, you can add sand to weigh down the sign. Our A-frame signs have holes on either side of each leg for putting in sand to keep the sign in place.

Also, A-frame signs are collapsible for easy storage: just lift the handle to collapse the legs and put it back into the closet.

A great benefit of A-frame signs is that the message can change within minutes.

The coroplast inserts for the A-Frame signs are interchangeable. You could have one insert for the summer months and another for the winter months, or change them on a daily basis. All you need is a custom graphic print mounted on coroplast, which we can design and produce to meet your needs.

For a business, providing its clients with up-to-date information offers plenty of marketing opportunities.

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