Magnify Signs: Professional Custom Signs

Invest in the most cost-effective way to promote and market your business: Magnify Signs offers professional custom signage for all purposes. Attract new customers with stylish signage from the curbside to your façade and your interior.

Signage is the most cost-effective and valuable marketing tool for a business. Magnify Signs lets your business reach more customers and improve its sales. With our 30 year experience, we provide your business with quality custom signs at great value and amazing service.

Invest in Signage to Boost Your Business

Signage is the first thing customers see, whether they are walking or driving by. You can make your business presence felt with fully customized signage that reinforces your brand’s image.

By investing in indoors and outdoors signage, you make sure your company has a consistent brand image that is visible to customers. Whether you need lobby signs, window graphics, ADA-compliant, or directional signage, Magnify Signs will design and create your custom sign exactly as you like it.

Push Your Company’s Visibility

Signage is not confined to business premises. Make the most out of the opportunities given to you and stand out from the competition.

Invest in professional signage to take advantage of all marketing occasions: vehicle wraps, graphics, lettering, magnets, or trade show displays and banners are some of the signage you can use during trade shows or when your business car fleet is out and about.

Bring forward your brand and make yourself known to the public so that people can come through your door and buy from you.

Magnify Signs Is a Full-Service Signage Provider

We’ll work with you to design and create your custom sign and professionally install it for a long-lasting result.

As an experienced and trusted sign company, we’ll ensure that your new sign is compliant with local and federal laws, such as ADA compliance.

If your sign requires a permit, we’ll obtain the necessary paperwork on your behalf before its installation.

If your sign requires repair or routine maintenance, our team is ready to help. From replacing a burnt-out bulb to installing a new sign face, we’ll have your sign looking as good as new.

Our range of services includes signage design and creations, ADA compliance, permit approvals, installation, repair, and maintenance.

We know the world of signage from beginning to end and offer you quality services at a great value. Magnify Signs provides expert signage services for businesses, schools, and non-profit organizations located in Colorado and throughout Denver.