Generate Tremendous Impact by Wrapping Your Vehicle

Wrapping your commercial vehicles with the theme of your company, a product, promotion, or special sale has become more popular than ever. Here we show you why vehicle wraps generate tremendous impact on viewers.

  • The viewer can’t turn it off like television.
  • It is a mobile advertisement every time it leaves your office.
  • It delivers a diversified audience.
  • It can’t be ignored because the size of the wrap itself, its color, and unique graphics turn heads.
  • Continues exposure. Unlike TV ads and other forms of advertising, vehicle wraps will do their job for the time they stay on your vehicle.

If you do not want to wrap the whole vehicle, you can install graphics just on the sides or at the back. Plus, vehicle wraps are uniquely tailored to your company’s needs and help build your brand in the local market.

side box truck wraps
Custom Box Truck Vehicle Wrap for Auto Crushers Inc in Englewood CO

Bus and Box Truck Wraps Alternatives

If you have a limited budget, partial wraps are a viable option. This means that smaller sections of your bus or box truck are wrapped, rather than the entire vehicle. And if you are worried about the impact, you should know that bus side advertising can produce about 40,000 to 60,000 impressions a day!

Custom coach buses are an excellent strategy to charter for special events.

Wrap your box truck for seasonal and rotation promotions as well as ad campaigns.

Want to Learn More About Vehicle Wraps?

Large vehicle wraps and graphics for bus and box truck is a winning solution you can’t ignore. Magnify Signs have the experience required to achieve amazing results. Plus, we only use premium 3M vinyl. Rely on our team to design, print, and install your vehicle wraps in Colorado. Call our expert designers at 303-647-9005 to find out more details about this fantastic advertising tool.vehicle wraps installation Colorado

Our unique vehicle wraps help you be seen!