Custom Signs Gives Business Custom Identity

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To us, designing and creating excellent custom signage is not just a way for us to bring in a bottom line, it’s a way for us to give businesses a stronger sense of brand identity. For instance, take a look at these signs the sign experts at Magnify created for Greensburg & Sada, P.C.

Custom Print Vinyl on an Acrylic Panel sign for Greenberg and Sada P.C. in Englewood, CO

Pictured above is the new sign for Greenberg and Sada office waiting area. The sign is a panel made from acrylic with a clear vinyl custom print graphic of their company logo mounted onto the face. The sign sits high up on the back wall from the entrance, mounted with ½ inch standoffs, clearly announcing to anyone who walks in what company occupies the space.

Custom Routed Acrylic Letters for Greenberg and Sada P.C. in Englewood, CO

In addition to the lobby sign, the sign experts also mounted custom routed acrylic letters reading “Greenberg & Sada, P.C.” Like the one in the lobby, this sign is mounted high on the wall with ½ inch standoffs. The letters are in gold, adding a simple flare to the sign, and representing their commitment to gold-standard law practice.

Custom Routed Acrylic Letters for Greenberg and Sada P.C. in Englewood, CO

Having a strong sense of the company brand present in the office is imperative to giving your company an identity. By providing these simple and effective signs for Greenberg & Sada, we have strengthened their sense of company identity within their office, and reinforced their brand to clients. Can you say the same about your signage? If not, give us a call, and we’ll help you Be Seen!



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