Event and Trade Show Display
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Trade Show and Event Display Signs

Trade show and event display signs highlight your brand while matching the look of an event or trade show. Display signage covers every aspect of exhibition and display signs, from modular exhibition systems for larger events to pop-up display systems with easily assembled frames and retractable banner stands.

Trade Show and Event Displays Come In Many Choices

You can choose the trade show and event display signage that best fits your business and the type of event. From tube display to canopy setups, the choices are immense. To best organize your event or trade show, consider how your business will be represented.

Booth Setups

The size of your usual booth setup often determines the display signage you need. Fabric pop-up displays are popular. The same is true for tube displays. They give your booth the type of look that identifies you as an innovative industry insider.

Magnify Signs Event Signage and Banners for sale.


Make banners work for you by selecting the right products for your display. Options include indoor, outdoor, and hanging banners. Retractable banner stands store your customized information and allow for quick and easy transport, storage, and setup.

Branding Tools

An event or trade show does not end with the booth setup.

Brand your company with table throws and hanging banners. Display your logo colors and shape as well as the name of your company in the most visible manner possible. By incorporating bright and bold colors, your setup grabs passersby and makes your booth irresistible. Also, you give a consistent and thorough look to your brand, showing your customers you are a serious and determined company that pays attention to detail.

Literature Stands

Make the most of your booth corners by strategically placing literature stands. Featuring six shelves and coming in single or double-sided models, this booth element appeals to the visual learner who likes to look at information in print rather than hear about your products or services.

Organizing an event or trade show is a great way for your business to expand its reach and find new customers. Take advantage of an event’s full potential by displaying your brand in a coherent and eye-catching manner.

Trade Show Displays

Trade show displays are booth-styled displays created to boost your brand at a trade show. They come in many shapes and sizes, concisely describe your business, and promote your brand to your community.

At trade shows, you will find yourself surrounded by competitors. You need to make your booth stand out in a stylish and consistent way. You must also promote your brand image so that people memorize it and recall it when they need it. The best way to make your presence felt is to have trade show displays that support your brand in a way that includes your logo, colors, and any taglines and text that represent your business.

Trade show displays aren’t limited to a tri-panel booth structure. Create a trade show display in a box structure or put together a retractable banner stand with a fabric wall display as a trade show display for a fresh look.

The sign experts at Magnify Signs know the importance of concise communication. When we’re working with you to create a design for your trade show booth, we’ll ensure your sign effectively communicates all the important details about your business in a short and precise manner.

People’s attention span during a trade show is limited as they are bombarded by new information. You need to catch their eye with memorable and interesting information.

Make Your Brand Known

Our trade show displays often astonish our clients, which means your own display will amaze its viewers. A bold and unique custom convention display will make quite the impression on your community.

The aim of any trade show is to make yourself known and communicate your brand and business to potential customers. A well-thought exhibition that carries your message throughout the display will make your business look professional and interesting.

Fabric Wall Displays

Fabric wall displays are stand-alone wall displays made of graphics printed on a fabric material that is held up by an aluminum frame. They feature a classy design that makes a strong presence at any trade show or event. Fabric wall displays tell the world about your business in a sleek way. Elegant and stylish, they speak volumes about your professionalism.

Fabric wall displays create a robust presence due to their clean graphics and large size. Combine that with your company’s brand and suddenly it is your brand that becomes the robust presence in the room and a centerpiece of attention.

Fabric wall display can be the backbone of your trade show signage.

Most companies use fabric wall displays as the background for their event display or trade show space. Fabric displays can help you frame your space with your brand with just one sign.

Fabric Wall Displays Are Versatile

Fabric wall displays come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They can be fully customized to meet your company’s needs.

As always, the graphics displayed by your fabric wall will always be in your control. Whether you have a design ready or need some assistance, our sign experts are happy to help you along the design process.u.

Coroplast Signs

Coroplast signs are signs made from a corrugated plastic material developed by Coroplast, LLC. The brand name material has become so popular that “coroplast” is now a generic term used to signify the sign material. Coroplast is used as a substrate for custom graphic prints. It is often used in mobile or short-term signs, such as lawn and yard signs, or informational signs at events.

Coroplast is a very light-weight material. The weight makes custom coroplast signs easy to transport and ideal for trade show displays where you already need to carry a lot of things.

Coroplast signs are great for mobile or temporary signs. The custom graphics printed on the material will always come out looking great.

With Coroplast, you have absolute control over the display. We can make a custom coroplast sign into any size and shape without affecting the stunning quality of your custom print graphics on the sign’s face

Organizing a trade show or event can be quite expensive for a business. Coroplast signs are high-quality but inexpensive compared to, say, aluminum signs. If you need a quick but high-quality sign without breaking the company budget, Coroplast is the way to go.

This will leave you financial space to pay for other necessary items such as booths, banners, and other display necessities.

Coroplast is recyclable. If you buy a Coroplast sign for temporary use, you can simply toss the sign into the recycle bin once you are done.

While being light-weight, the material’s thickness makes it durable and easy to leave outside. The plastic face of an outdoor Coroplast sign holds up to the elements and won’t get damaged by weather. This makes it perfect for outdoors trade events and shows, giving peace of mind to anyone worrying about displays bleaching under the sun or rain.

Coroplast has a wide variety of uses. We could print your custom graphics onto standard 18-by-24-inch Coroplast boards for yard signs, or a wide 48-by-96-inch informational sign for an exhibit at an event. Whatever the need, we can meet it. Make your business visible in a professional, solid way!