Evolution Digital is a high-end cable converter, manufacturer, and supplier that has done a great job of spreading their wings over the world. So much so, that they recently had to expand their headquarters here in the Denver metro. Magnify Signs connected with Evolution after we heard about the project, and designed Evolution a new custom cut acrylic lobby sign with a brushed aluminum face. In addition, we designed a new exterior sign using custom cut brushed aluminum letters and an acrylic routed logo design.

Evolution Digital Acrylic Lobby Sign

Evolution Digital wanted something simple, and that’s portrayed their logo for all to see in a lobby area. The new lobby sign is two pieces. The logo is a sleek cut acrylic in the maroon red matching the company colors. The lettering is custom cut acrylic with brushed metal laminate face.

Evolution Digital Exterior Aluminum Sign

The exterior cut metal sign gave Magnify a new challenge to surmount. In order to mount the sign to an exposed steel beam, our sign experts figured out how to use metal brackets that clamp on the steel beam. The freshly mounted sign is now solidly in place above the main entrance.

Evolution Digital Acrylic Lobby Sign 2

Evolution Digital feels their new exterior metal and interior acrylic lobby signs give them a professional and modern look as a business. The simplistic and sleek design gives the cable converter business a cutting edge technological look to impress clients and employees every day.

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