Creative and professional exterior and interior wayfinding signage should easily tell people where they are going while also representing your business using brand colors, textures, and images that match your space. Effective custom wayfinding signs can complement your interior design.

From the minute people arrive at your location, you want each area to be properly identified so that your positive customer experience begins right from the start. Exterior and interior signage should be visible, intuitive, and include helpful information that makes it easy to navigate your business. Ignoring the importance of quality wayfinding signage can result in confusion and unsafe environments.

Make Sure These Custom Wayfinding Signs Are Part Of Your Business

Designing a good wayfinding system is critical for every business in every industry. Wayfinding signage plays an important role in directing foot traffic, as well as working to ensure efficient vehicle traffic and parking at your location. There are many different types of custom wayfinding signs your business may need, both inside and outside your facility. In an effort to help you determine where to start, we’ve put together a list that includes some of the most beneficial types of wayfinding signs used for business.

  • Entrance signs.
    Entrance signs help guide visitors into your business. They can be simple or they can be branded and include additional information to help welcome visitors. An entrance sign can be a stand-alone post sign or a vinyl graphic on your front door. You may have noticed that monument signs in Denver serve as a popular option for entrance signs as well.
  • Bathroom signage.
    Whether they’re only for employees or open to the public, bathrooms should be easily identifiable. Bathroom signs can be very simple, but they also provide plenty of opportunity to make use of custom signage that can complement and improve the overall look of your space. A custom lit bathroom sign can even serve as a statement piece.
  • Directory signs.
    Depending on the size of your location, you may need a directory sign to help people find their way. Using custom wayfinding signs inside your space can serve as a reference point for visitors. This type of sign can display the location of different offices, the names or room number for employees, or different areas in the building.
  • Parking signs.
    Making it easy to see where your customers should park is important, especially if you share your parking lot area with other businesses. Parking signs can also be used to identify specific areas of access to your business, or to designate specific parking spots in your lot.
  • Room identifiers.
    It’s recommended to identify each room in your business with a different name. This is helpful for both visitors and employees who have to navigate the building. Because these signs essentially become part of your décor, know that you can customize them to match your brand and your interior style.
  • Safety signs.
    Safety signs are often necessary to make sure your business is compliant with fire and safety guidelines. Depending on the type of business you have, you may need customized safety signs to clearly identify hazards specific to your location.

Set Your Business Up For Success With The Right Wayfinding Signs

A missing sign or a sign with incorrect information will almost certainly lead to confusion. Make sure your Denver business has the right exterior and interior wayfinding signage in the right location to support your business success. Magnify Signs can complete a site assessment and then help you build a wayfinding signage strategy that is ADA compliant and works to meet your company’s needs. If you’re looking for a monument sign in Denver or need to upgrade directional signs inside your facility, we invite you to learn more about what Magnify Signs can do for you. To get started, contact us today.