There are few better ways to advertise your company’s brand than by wrapping it on the exterior of a fleet of vehicles. There are many, however, who think that vehicle wraps are only for corporations, and that smaller businesses like yours can’t take advantage of them. Fortunately, this isn’t true at all! You can get your business out there with vehicle graphics just as easily as the big boys can — maybe even more so! Read on to learn how.

What Fleet Wraps Do

Wrap your fleet to create a mobile advertisement

Wrap your fleet to create a mobile advertisement. A partial wrap could include your logo or business name, while a full vehicle wrap can be used to promote specific services or products. Any type of vehicle in any industry is suitable for an advertising wrap, making it cost-effective and efficient. And since custom-printed vehicle wraps are applied directly to vehicles by professionals, you don’t have to do much yourself other than driving around and collecting leads!

Why You Should Invest in a Fleet Wrap

What’s better than adding a personal touch to your business’ vehicles? How about getting hundreds of those vehicles rolling down city streets and driving past potential customers every day? Custom fleet wraps are a great way to advertise without even trying. We use high-quality materials, 3M vinyl and laminates, to create a partial or full vehicle wrap for you. Even if you don’t have a fleet of your own yet, we can accommodate your needs!

What Vehicles Can Be Wrapped

Virtually any type of vehicle can be wrapped. From cars to trucks to RVs, anything with wheels and a motor can be wrapped! We even offer magnets if you want something that can easily be put on and take off your vehicle. The only requirement is that your vehicle must have a smooth surface in order for our vinyl to adhere properly. Surface imperfections will prevent your wrap from holding up well over time.