Sign Permits for Englewood COBefore your business can erect a monument sign, channel letter setup or any similar type of exterior sign, you need a permit. The State of Colorado and the City of Englewood take great care to allow only properly constructed and safely installed signage products to be displayed by businesses in the area. Zoning concerns address the sizing and makeup of the products. Although crucial, the sign permitting process for Englewood, CO, can be cumbersome and confusing to someone who is trying to pursue it for the first time.

Starting the Application

The application process starts fairly straightforward with the name of yours business as well as the property owner’s information. Next, you must provide your signage contractor’s information as well as the professional’s city license number and the marker’s valuation.

Getting Into the Details

Sign Permitting Process Englewood COAfter that, you are required to accompany your application with detailed information on the proposed marker’s look. For example, you should submit site plans that are drawn to scale. They need to include the building’s footprint, street frontage, signage locations and adjacent streets. In addition, you may consider bringing in an elevation drawing or an applicable photo simulation. It is here that many first-time applicants run into trouble.

Subsequently, you are required to calculate the allowed sign area following the formula offered by city officials. Another important part of the application process is the display of signage that is already present at your venue. Include the sign type, exact dimensions as well as the area’s square footage. If you are adding an illuminated sign, examples include a lightbox cabinet or a channel letter marker, you are required to submit the specs of the signage product.

Should You go it Alone?

Englewood CO Sign Permitting ProcessYou could download the information, learn all about scale drawings, make numerous phone calls to get the information you need, combine it all into the application and then hope that it is done according to the preferences of city hall. In the alternative, you could have a professional handle your sign permits. Englewood, CO, members of the business community know that the professionals at Magnify Signs not only design, manufacture and install the exterior signage products that companies rely on for marketing and branding, but that they also handle the entire permitting process.

A One-stop Shop Offers Advantages

There is no need for you to learn the fine art of scale drawing and sign verbiage. In fact, our experts know – because of our experience in the field – which types of markers will be most likely permitted for your venue and which ones could present some challenges. Knowing this ahead of time is invaluable when discussing the creation of your signage products and saves you plenty of time as well as money.

Our pros discuss your signage vision with you. We take correct measurements, investigate the makeup of your façade and also take stock of the signage products that are being used by businesses around you. When you want to have the permitting done correctly the first time, call us.

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