Cast Metal Plaques For Your Denver Business

Metallic plaques offer a unique way to identify unique places, events, and people, and create an enduring message. Other uses include ADA signs, custom logos, desk name plates, directional signs, donor recognition plaques, grave markers, historical markers, industrial signs, memorial plaques, military seals, and office signs. The most popular materials are bronze and aluminum.

Cast Bronze Plaques

Cast bronze plaques are a perfect choice for exterior usage. Because bronze is made of a strong alloy, it will hold up well against a variety of weather conditions. Plus, it is finished with a clear lacquer for extra protection. These plaques are also well fitted for underfoot installation as they hold up well under heavy foot traffic. Further, bronze plaques have a recognizable soft glow created by the application of a true chemical patina, which holds up better than paint or stain.

Cast Aluminum Plaques

Plaques made out of this material are significantly lighter in weight than cast bronze plaques, while still providing the ability to endure well a variety of weather conditions. These plaques are a more affordable alternative to cast bronze but still made of quality aluminum alloy, will last for years to come. They also offer a sleek, modern look, perfect for contemporary buildings with a materials palette of glass and steel. You can install aluminum plaques both inside and outside which can be mounted to just about any wall, platform or stone. However, because of the softness of aluminum, we do not recommend installing them in very high-usage areas, inset into the ground.

All in all, cast bronze plaques will give your project a classic look, strong enough to endure the path of time. Whole cast aluminum plaques offer flexibility to paint in virtually any color for a contemporary look.
Acrylic RowMark Plaque for Blue Bench in Denver, CO

There is no better way to identify special places, events, and people than with a custom cast metal plaque. Whether your plaque contains standard text or personalized artwork, Magnify Signs can design a plaque to your specifications. Please browse our website to get inspired or contact us today for a free quote today!