Colorado’s vibrant business landscape demands attention-grabbing strategies. While your brand identity and offerings play a crucial role, strategic placement of illuminated exterior signs can magnify your visibility and attract customers. Let’s explore key factors to consider and effective placement strategies to ensure your exterior sign shines bright and draws them in. 

Key Factors to Consider When Choosing Locations for Exterior Signs

  • Exterior blade sign showcasing business name and logo, illuminated for enhanced visibility

    Illuminate your brand with a strategically placed exterior sign, ensuring maximum visibility and impact

    Traffic Flow: Analyze pedestrian and vehicular traffic patterns to identify high-visibility areas where your sign will be seen by the most potential customers. Consider both directions of traffic flow and nearby intersections.

  • Local Regulations: Zoning and sign ordinances vary across Colorado cities and towns. Research and adhere to all regulations regarding size, placement, and lighting limitations to avoid costly violations. 
  • Building Architecture: Integrate your sign seamlessly with your building’s architecture. Consider size, style, and color to create a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing appearance. 
  • Visibility Obstructions: Avoid placing your sign near trees, poles, or other structures that might block its view. Ensure clear sightlines from key vantage points like streets, sidewalks, and parking areas. 
  • Complementary Signage: Think about your overall signage strategy. Exterior signs work best in conjunction with window graphics, awnings, and other elements that reinforce your brand message.

Optimizing Visibility: Strategies for Effective Placement of Illuminated Signs

  • Height Matters: Elevate your sign to optimize visibility, especially in areas with heavy traffic or visual obstructions. Taller signs have a wider viewing range and create a stronger presence. 
  • Angle for Impact: Strategically angle your sign towards approaching traffic or pedestrian flow to maximize its visual impact. This ensures viewers have ample time to register your message. 
  • Lighting Power: Colorado nights can be dark, so ensure your sign boasts bright, energy-efficient LED lighting. Choose the right color temperature and adjust brightness to comply with regulations and avoid light pollution. 
  • Dynamic Displays: Consider incorporating digital message boards or scrolling text for dynamic content that grabs attention and promotes special offers or events. 
  • Seasonal Considerations: Winter weather in Colorado can impact visibility. Choose durable materials and lighting options that withstand snow, wind, and extreme temperatures.

Illuminated exterior signs are a powerful tool for Colorado businesses to shine brighter, attract customers, and stand out in the competitive landscape. By carefully considering placement strategies, adhering to regulations, and prioritizing clear messaging and brand consistency, you can transform your sign into a beacon that guides customers to your door.

Is your business hiding in the shadows? It’s time to unleash its inner star! Let our sign experts craft a captivating illuminated masterpiece that will grab attention and guide customers your way. Contact us today, ditch the darkness, and watch your business shine!