The signs for Denver auto dealerships on Broadway must be eye-catching, easy to read for motorists and – above all – as professional as the businesses they identify. That said, the Colorado weather sometimes causes a marker to deteriorate before its time. It is a slow process, but for the first-time customer it results in the presentation of a marker that is simply not on par with what a successful company’s signage should look like. This is when the professionals from Magnify Signs are called in.

Cabinet pole signs for auto dealers on Broadway in Denver

This amazing lightbox cabinet sign…

The Murray MotorWorks and Nations Auto Signage Revamp

Part of the Sonic Automotive group, Murray MotorWorks is located at 4651 South Broadway. This dealership specializes in helping consumers buy the right used cars for their needs. Whether it is a used luxury vehicle or a functional van to drive the car pool, car buyers appreciate the variety of vehicles on the lot. When the dealership’s management team took a good hard look at its pole signage, it decided that it was time for a redo.

Lightbox cabinet signs for Auto Dealers in Denver

…used to look like this!

We got the call and visited with the dealership. After a close look at the marker, we refurbished the lightbox cabinet sign with digitally printed vinyl overlays on an acrylic facing. The panel for Murray measures 192 inches by 74 inches. We also did some work for Nations Auto at 2233 South Broadway. This sign measures 123 inches by 74 inches and is a double-sided marker that brands to consumers approaching from both directions. For the latter, we sent up a technician in our bucket truck to replace the light bulbs of the marker and repair the wires leading to the ballast.

Why Refurbishing Your Signage is a Good Idea

Lightbox cabinet sign fabrication Denver

In production!

The exterior signs for auto dealerships in Denver have the power to bring in shoppers who turn into buyers. These transactions are worth tens of thousands of dollars. Can you really afford to lose even one sale because of an outdated or heavily damaged sign that no longer markets and brands effectively? The answer is no.

In fact, the same is true for any business. It does not matter if you sell cars, houses, services or widgets. When your signage no longer identifies you as an industry leader, niche insider and company on the cutting edge of the trade, you quickly become a secondary player – if shoppers give you a chance to show off your products at all. You cannot afford to allow signage to detract from your business.

Save Money While Marketing Effectively Once Again

Cabinet signs for Auto Dealers Denver

And, a sign for Nations Auto!

Replacing a sign can be expensive. For this reason, our signage experts gladly evaluate your existing marker to see if it can be refurbished. When the “bones” of the sign are still in good shape, it is possible for our technicians to fix any electrical problems and correct cosmetic issues. This saves you money, enhances the look of your signage and allows you to stay in the game.

Call us today for a site survey. We take into consideration the date of your sign’s installation, any work that has already been done and also any weathering that has taken place. We take measurements to ensure that this sign properly markets to the traffic you experience in front of your location. Next, we present you with the options. In some cases, refurbishing a sign can be as simple as changing out an acrylic facing.

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