Every so often, our Denver business clients call Magnify Signs for ideas on how to use signage in new and innovative ways. Maybe it is time to freshen up your approach to branding. Then again, it could be time to try a completely new marketing strategy that your shoppers have never seen before. Here are three exciting ways of making a splash with the vinyl window cling Denver consumers respond to very well.

1. Show Off Products 

Window Graphics with Product Images Denver

In the restaurant business in particular, it is a great idea to display the most talked about dishes on the windowpanes. That said, you do not have to be a restaurateur to make the most of this vinyl window graphics. We always advise our business clients to visit websites like Yelp and TripAdvisor to see what folks are saying about their companies.

If guests laud a certain dish, buyers gush over a particular product or clients note the beauty of your interior design scheme, you know what to show off. We gladly take any digital photograph and print it onto the vinyl, which we then incorporate into a window display. Opt for a partial display that still allows consumers to look into your storefront. In the alternative, we can create a perforated window covering that takes up the space of the entire pane. Instead of looking into your venue, passersby see your marketing message.

2. Cover up Construction

Coming soon hide construction window graphics Denver

Whether you are preparing a new storefront or are remodeling some of your space, do not let passersby see the mess that goes hand in hand with construction. While a “Pardon Our Dust” sign is a nice idea, why not instead use the windows as a means to advertise what is coming?

In the case of a new business, this easily becomes an integral part of your marketing efforts leading up to the grand opening celebration. When you are still doing business during a renovation, consider the use of windowpanes to highlight the advantages the venue changes will bring to consumers. Whether it is more display space, the addition of new services or an entire new product line collection, whet everyone’s appetite for what is coming.

3. Announce Sales and Specials

The window graphics Denver retailers like to use during special sales events usually focus on deep discounts and merchandise that they want to move during these times. Yet did you know that virtually every month offers an opportunity for specialty sales? Whether it is back-to-school shopping season, the winter holidays or the various special days during spring and summer, make your windows reflections of these excellent opportunities for holding sales.


This goes for service providers, too. Whether you plan on offering a spring chiropractic care and massage special or consider throwing in a summer teeth-whitening procedure to all those coming for their regular checkups, using your windowpanes with vinyl window graphics has never been easier.

Call us today for more information on these signage products. We look forward to discussing your sales and branding messages with you. If you like, we use the artwork that you already have. For something completely different, we design your graphics’ looks from the ground up.

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