At Magnify Signs, we practice what we preach. Case point is our Ford F150 truck. We use this vehicle to visit jobsites, haul equipment and pick up supplies. This four-door truck also helps to transport some of our technicians to appointments with business clients. As loyal readers of this blog already know, we are firm believers in the power of truck wraps. Denver business owners have heeded our advice and had many vehicles already treated with full and partial vehicle wraps.

Ford F150 Truck Wraps Denver

Stand-Out Ford F150 Truck Wraps

Now it was our turn. We did a full vinyl wrap with our company design logo. We used a high-end vinyl with protective lamination. Ford F150 truck wraps for Denver business owners have to focus in particular on the area where the truck bed and the gate connect. We ensured that seams matched perfectly. Driving to job sites now gets our business’ name out there even more. Anyone knows who is coming to visit the location. Our logo, too, is getting plenty of play on the streets.

Truck Wraps for Englewood CO

Are you ready to follow our lead?

Excellent return on investment. It costs almost $24 to garner 1,000 impressions with a television ad. To get the same number of eyeballs to see your marketing message on a truck, van or car, you only pay $0.35. This is an excellent return on investment.

Pinpointing demographics. To whom are you marketing your services? TV and radio spots cover a broad range of consumers. Some of them may not even be in the market for your product. In some cases, none of them is. This is frequently the case when your ad runs during times that your would-be customers are not listening. With a wrapped vehicle, you decide who gets to see it.

Vehicle Wrap installation Denver

Always on. Newspapers get recycled, which also ends the opportunity for your full-page ad to be seen. Your wrap is always on. In place for about five years, this marketing product shows off your company information and logo day or night, rain or shine, on weekends and on workdays. Even when you park the van for the night, your advertising still markets to those driving past it.

Wrap Your Vehicle!

Ford F150 Truck Wraps Englewood CO

Our amazing Ford F150 truck wrap is a work of art. Your work truck, van or other vehicle can be as well. Yet what do you do when the budget simply does not allow for a full wrap that covers every inch of the vehicle? The answer is simple: Install a partial wrap instead.

Best vehicle wraps for Denver

Talk to our technicians to discuss the merits of a partial wrap on your particular vehicle. When it displays a color that works well with the hues of your logo and other signage, we can create a design that incorporates the color and only covers a portion of the car or truck. The resulting look is excellent and still uses your vehicle to its fullest potential. As you attract more and more customers to your business, replacing the partial wrap with a full wrap the next time you are in the market for this type of product should be no problem.

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