Located at 3165 Zuni Street in Englewood, ArborScape is the go-to professional for your tree trimming, tree stump removal, residential lawn service and commercial tree care needs. The company’s technicians are well versed in all aspects of plant health care against the backdrop of the local semi-arid climate. When it came time to add mobile marketing to the advertising tools of this business, ArborScape’s management team contacted Magnify Signs for assistance.

Partial Vehicle Wrap Design Proofs

It all starts with partial wrap design proofs!

Toyota Prius Gets a Partial Wrap Makeover

One of the company’s vehicles is a white Toyota Prius. White is an excellent color for any partial wrap. We designed a look that turned the hood and front third of the vehicle into a collection of leaves that gradually tapers off. On the sides of the vehicle, there is the name of the business, its logo and contact information. This is a highly noticeable Toyota Prius partial vehicle wrap. Denver consumers cannot help but be taken in by the structure and looks of the individual leaves that make up the whole of the hood.

Englewood Partial Vehicle Wraps

Before the partial vehicle wraps…

Turning Heads with a Vehicle

Whether your company owns a car, truck, van, trailer or something else altogether, it is possible to incorporate its exterior into a mobile marketing setup.

Partial Vehicle Wraps Englewood CO

…The completed Toyota Prius Partial Wraps!

Create name recognition. A unique graphics package makes your car stand out. Combine this package with your company’s information and, before long, pedestrians and motorists come to associate the sight of the vehicle with your business’ name.

Generate brand awareness. The leaves on the Toyota partial wrap bespeak the tree services the company provides. Yet, in a broader sense, it also hints at landscape work and gardening tasks. This is an excellent trick to use when you want to become known as the “company that does … .”

Turn heads. Grabbing the eye is at the root of effective marketing. Vehicle graphics have the power to do just that. Since wraps capitalize on the size and look of the vehicle, they turn something ordinary into something unexpected. This is the head turner.

Making Vehicle Graphics Work for You

Installing Partial vehicle wraps

Installing the partial vehicle wraps!

The Toyota Prius partial wrap for Denver landscape company owners provides an example for any business professional who doubts that a business model can translate to a mobile marketing ad. In fact, it is possible to combine graphics and lettering for the advertising of virtually any business or service.

Our signage experts routinely work with companies in all types of niches to bring the business model to the consumer at large via a broad range of signage solutions. Partial wraps of company vehicles – whether it is one car or a fleet of trucks – are effective, offer an excellent return on investment and remain in effect for about five years.

This makes the wrap one of the longest lasting marketing campaigns that money can buy. When you consider that a billboard is only in effect for the week or month that you rent it, the five-year window is an attractive alternative. Choose where you drive your mobile billboard for maximum effect and know that you are marketing your business even while you are parked in the grocery store parking lot.

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