Exploring Colorado’s gorgeous nature and outdoor activities can be done year-round, and if you get tired of looking at the majestic mountains and peaceful forests and want to do something different, one of the best things you can do is head to a local public park or trail to take in the sights in another way.

Customizing Your Exterior Wood Signs

Although you can use any exterior wood signs to market your business, it’s a good idea to customize them if possible. Customizing your exterior wood signs is an excellent way to add personality and differentiate yourself from competitors.

Custom Carved Custom Posts

Custom wood post signs are a beautiful subtle way to direct and guide visitors

Custom carved posts are a beautiful, subtle way to direct and guide visitors. Custom posts allow you to express your brand’s message in a natural, rustic way that will fit right in at a variety of events, parks and outdoor spaces. 

Color Options for Exterior Wood Signs

When considering an exterior wood sign for your park, business, home or other structure, it is important to consider color. Color can be a major factor in making your sign visible from afar. Natural color – Hand carved from a single piece of cedar, custom post and panel signs have natural color variations inherent in wooden products.

Sustainability When Creating Exterior Wood Signs

If you’re purchasing wood for outdoor signs, look for FSC-certified lumber. It means that trees were harvested in a way that’s sustainable and eco-friendly. It also means that you can use your sign post as a planter box when your business has changed or closed. And sometimes using reclaimed materials is cheaper than buying new.

Design Details on Your Wood Signs

When designing your custom wood signs you can use some beautiful details. We often see people use large carved letters or log cabin lettering. The best part about using these details is that they are made out of wood, so they are perfectly suited for exterior signs. You can also add a very natural element to your exterior sign by using natural elements like twigs, branches and rocks as accents on your wooden sign designs. These elements can be used to give it a rough and rugged look to compliment outdoor Colorado businesses

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