Magnify Signs is honored to be the sign providers for The Original Chubby’s Burger Restaurant here in Denver, Colorado. Chubby’s recently opened a new restaurant to replace their old one, and the sign experts got to design a new logo to place the new building in bold new channel letters.

Custom Channel Letters Sign for The Original Chubby's in Denver, CO

The Original Chubby’s logo displayed here was designed by the sign experts here at Magnify. Our designer came up with the clever idea of substituting the “C” in “Chubby’s” with a curved jalapeño pepper. A color gradient is applied to the letters in green, making the top of the letters a lighter green than the bottom, with a solid red color for “The Original” and “Burger Drive Inn.” The custom channel letters sign covers 128 inches across the width and 57 inches across the height.

Acrylic Panel Menu Board for The Original Chubby's in Denver, CO

To compliment the new channel letter sign, the sign experts produced an aluminum panel with a full graphic vinyl print for menu board of the restaurant. The graphic features the new Chubby’s logo in the top left corner and is divided into 8 sections of food, and a photo of the company founders on the right side of the panel, and company information below.

Interior Custom Sign Foam Letters for The Original Chubby's in Denver, CO

Inside the building, the sign experts also created a set of sign foam letters for the new soft serve ice cream machine. Above the machine sits custom sign foam letters flush mounted to the wall covering a section 48 inches across by 24 inches high. The “Ice Cream” sign foam letters have snow on the top edges, with “Parlor” below in smaller blue letters.

The new Original Chubby’s Burger restaurant is looking sleek with their new signage. The sign experts are proud to have helped Chubby’s establish a new look and identity they can use to build up their reputation in the Denver community and Be Seen by all eyes that pass by.