Vehicle graphics may not be the first thing that springs to mind when you think about marketing methods. However, based on the data below, you may want to give automobile wrapping a thought.

Mobile advertising is the most successful and efficient kind of outdoor advertising. It reaches more people at the lowest Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPM) of any form of outdoor advertising. A single-vehicle wrap may generate 30,000 – 80,000 impressions each day, and 98% of Americans said they are aware of media targeting car drivers and passengers. Additionally, fleet car advertising increases brand identification 15 times more than other forms of advertising. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of vehicle wrapping.

Average Return on Investment to Promote your Business

Car and truck wraps serve as advertising for your company. But many business owners worry about how successful they are. Fortunately, there is real data we can look to that will give you a sense of the return on investment you may expect.

Car and Truck Wraps Colorado
Boost your branding driving a custom vehicle wrap

Average Number of Opinions

In any given week, 95% of Americans will travel on national highways, and car advertising will reach roughly 90% of drivers. On average, 80% of vehicle wraps and truck wrap sightings will be remembered by those who see them.


Typical vehicle wraps may produce thousands of impressions each day. It is important to realize that these are prospective consumers.

Another factor to consider is the money you’ll save by not having to repaint your fleet’s cars. When compared to the cost of a fresh paint job, vinyl wraps are a more cost-effective choice. Vehicle covers also preserve the paint of your vehicle, truck, or van. The covers transform the car while keeping the original paint finish.

Another advantage of personalized car wraps is the ability to alter advertisements as needed. If you no longer want an advertisement on your car, you may have the vehicle wraps removed by a professional without causing any harm to the original paint.

Targeting Your Local Market

Custom car wraps may assist your business in targeting and interacting with your local market. People that view your vehicle wrap are most likely from the same neighborhood. This implies that potential buyers will grow acquainted with your vehicle and, eventually, become long-term clients. We may expect excellent outcomes in a short amount of time if we target our local market.

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