Add Visual Impact to Your Glass Surfaces

Window Perforated Graphics are a great form of Advertising! Great for Vehicles and Storefront Window Displays. With window perf, you can convert your windows and glass surfaces into advertising space, helping you turn foot traffic into loyal customers. This type of vinyl is applied to the outside of your window and viewed from the outside. However, it still lets a portion of light shine through the window.

You can display logos, photos, text, and any relevant information directly on your windows, opening a vast realm of possibilities for advertising and exhibits. Also, it is a very popular branding choice for company vehicles and storefronts.

Advantages of Window Perf Graphics

Perforated Window Vinyl Panels for Uncorked Kitchen in Centennial, CO

Share Your Best Side

The front glass on your business is the first thing people see so allow it to showcase your brand. Use the windows as advertising space to get clients interested in visiting your company. Sometimes business owners put up window perf to hide the clutter of a remodel or renovation. It is useful when you are preparing to open a new store or converting an area to storage.

Personalize Your Company Assets

You can use perforated window graphics to personalize your vehicle, truck, van, or your store’s window and glass doors. It is a great way to show some patriotism, team spirit, or to add a little bit of decorative flair. the best part is you can see through window perf vinyl so it is not blocking your view.

More Benefits

See-through window graphics increase shade and privacy for the folks inside. Plus, quality window perf is an excellent alternative to traditional posters or window paint that hide your view and sunlight.

You may even save on your energy bill, especially if you are covering an entire storefront that lets in a lot of sun. 

Magnify Signs offers perforated window signs that are made from top-notch materials but are surprisingly affordable. We can make them in any size (including large print sizes), color, finish, shape, style, and in any quantity.  Contact us to get started with your window perf.