Located at 2775 West Hampden Avenue, Productive Electric handles residential and commercial service calls. On the commercial side, the company assists during new construction and provides maintenance for existing electrical systems of all types. On the residential side, technicians specialize in circuit tracing, electrical assistance during remodels and all types of emergency calls for lighting repair, panel repairs and similar issues. When it came time to commission fleet truck lettering in Englewood, CO, the management staff contacted the signage pros at Magnify Signs.

Fleet Truck Lettering for Productive Electric

Fleet vehicle truck lettering Englewood CO

Perceptive marketers agree that visiting a jobsite with an unmarked work truck is a mistake for any business. Ensuring that its name is recognized and its niche is known, Productive Electric has chosen to treat its fleet vehicles so that they actively brand and market the company while technicians are at work. The white trucks now display cut vinyl lettering and designs that feature the company’s logo. Contact information rounds out the display. We repeated the logo display toward the rear of the truck, which attractively balances the look of the design. On the back of the vehicle, we repeated the contact information and logo.

Being Seen Matters

Fleet vehicle graphics Englewood CO

In the highly competitive contractor trades, your work takes place behind closed doors. Nobody knows that you are doing an excellent job. Air conditioning, working lights, a dry floor and running water are taken for granted. Not surprisingly, it is a bit harder to make a name for yourself as a contractor. At the same time, generating name recognition and creating brand awareness are the two pillars that keep your business running. For this reason, excellent marketing is a necessity.

Mobile marketing in particular gives you the opportunity to let folks know that you are doing work at a particular location. In this manner, they can associate the functionality of the location with your expertise. For example, if you change an electrical panel in a residential home, let neighbors know that you are doing the work by parking your wrapped or otherwise treated truck out front. When they learn that the power no longer goes out every time the homeowner plugs in the toaster, you are directly credited with being the problem solver.

This is also true on a larger scale at a commercial venue. Mobile advertising has the added advantage of always being on. There is no downtime and you brand and market your business even while you eat lunch or pick up supplies at a warehouse store. When you spend multiple days at a jobsite, remember to bring along contractor yard signs. They market in your absence. When you are present, your vehicle decals and lettering provide more information about your company and therefore support the yard signs’ messages.

Ordering Fleet Truck Lettering for Englewood, CO, Companies

Whether you need us to treat one truck, five, 10 or 100, we can help. We work with your team on the design of the message and the look of the decals. Bring your vehicles to us or let our technicians come to you for a speedy installation. Call us today to get started.

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