New Image Leasing is a furniture company that operates out of Denver and Colorado Springs. The company helps customers to temporarily lease brand name furniture that is sleek, modern and high quality. Furnish a room, an entire home or simply rent one piece. This is an excellent solution for the consumer who needs a three-month lease package for a temporary residence or a seasonal home. Since most deliveries take place within 24 to 48 hours, it is a quick and easy way to get the furniture you need now. When it came time to add mobile advertising to New Image Leasing’s marketing setup, the company’s management team contacted Magnify Signs.

Vinyl Truck Lettering Denver

Adding Vinyl Truck Lettering

We discussed the vinyl truck lettering Denver business owners prefer for their mobile marketing needs. Against the white backdrop color of the company’s delivery truck, the business’ name, niche explanation, website address and phone number find a professional display with blue lettering. The lettering is cast-cut vinyl that perfectly uses the 26-foot expanse of the truck. Due to the weather, we had a very small installation window. Were we able to make it happen? You bet! We worked hard to create the large lettering just in time for an outside vinyl application in less than ideal conditions.

The finished look of the vehicle easily brands and markets the business. It is visually attractive and offers the key information that motorists, pedestrians and onlookers need to understand what this company is all about and how to get in touch for more information. When you are thinking of taking a page from the playbook of New Image Furniture Leasing, talk to our truck lettering experts for more information on this advertising product.

What Cut Vinyl Vehicle Lettering Can Do for Your Business


Box Truck Lettering and Graphics Denver

No two vinyl wrap and lettering jobs call for the same setup. Unless you are treating a fleet of vehicles, there are differences in fonts, logo displays, niche explanations and color selections. Pick the font that perfectly replicates the look of your company’s name on the website. Choose an appearance that is big on details or only features the must-know facts on the sides of your truck. We work with you to make the product suit your needs and advertising specifications.

Professional installation

Fleet Lettering Denver

Did you know that some vinyl lettering manufacturers actually void their product warranties if you self-install your lettering? It is the application by a professional that ensures the proper treatment of the material and the ideal adhesion to the substrate. Do not purchase your lettering online only to be disappointed in the finished look after a DIY installation.


Denver Fleet Lettering

Going hand in hand with the professional installation of vinyl vehicle lettering, Denver companies also like the idea that their treated vehicles will retain their professional looks for about five years (or more). When you want to make this type of advertising investment only once during the useful life of your delivery truck, this is the process of choice. In addition, consider how much more cost-effective this long-lasting marketing product is when compared to the short-lived effectiveness of a billboard that you may rent for a couple of weeks.