When it comes to getting noticed and providing key directional information, a growing number of businesses — along with hospitals, churches, and other organizations — are choosing monument signs in Denver.

Here are four key reasons why monument signs are a smart investment and a winning strategy:

  1. Completely Customizable

Monument signs are completely customizable, and can be crafted to perfectly align with the brand style and signature, and incorporate elements like logos, slogans, emblems, graphic, lighting, and more. Popular material choices include stone, wood, metal, acrylic, molded plastics, and so on.

2. Clearly Visible

Monument signs are installed low to the ground, which makes them clearly visible to drivers and pedestrians. After all, it does not matter how impressive a sign is if nobody sees it! A good monument sign for business creates a presence for your company and helps to promote your brand. Monument signs also allow you to create a design that matches your building architecture, which creates a common look.

3. Weather Resistant

Professionally-crafted and installed monument signs in Denver are designed to handle all that Mother Nature and her pal Old Man Winter throw our way. Indeed, if the weather report calls for 80mph winds, scorching 90-degree heat waves, or several feet of snow there is no reason to worry, because a monument sign will be on the job 24/7/365.

4. Surprisingly Affordable

Given how impressive they look, you might think that monument signs for businesses are expensive — and perhaps cost-prohibitive. Well, think again! Naturally, the exact price depends on a variety of factors such as overall size, whether one or both sides of the monument sign will be viewable, whether the monument sign will be illuminated, whether the text will be in vinyl or dimensional letters, and so on. However, the final bottom-line price tag is much lower than many people expect — and far less than some other large signage and wayfinding options.

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