Using channel letters on your business signage is an easy way to stand out from the competition. With these simple tips on how to effectively select and illuminate your channel letters, you’ll be equipped to maximize brand awareness in your community and solidify your business as the first option in the minds of your customers.

Maximizing the Impact of Channel Letters

A custom channel letter sign can boost your storefront appearance.

Storefront channel letter signage is the first thing that a client will associate with your company and your brand more generally. Leaving a bad first impression with a generic sign is leaving money on the table in the long run. Channel letters are infinitely customizable, so you can guarantee that your brand identity and your unique aesthetic are communicated to customers from step one.

How to Properly Light Channel Letters for Visibility

You have options when it comes to lighting your channel letter signage. Your choices will come down to both personal preference and practical realities around how you operate your business; for example, if you operate a business primarily overnight, lit signage might be helpful to draw in clients that might not notice your storefront driving down the road at 3:00AM. Other lighting options include LED lighting that can switch on and off with the sunset or reverse-lighting that creates a gorgeous backlit silhouette of your company logo. If you don’t need any lighting at all for your purposes, you can simply install aluminum channel letter signage that is custom painted with your brand colors. There’s a perfect option for you no matter what your situation.

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