How can you ensure that your employees know what your mission and values are? How can you make sure everyone is “singing from the same hymn sheet”? Interior branding solutions are an effective way to spread your company’s message, mission, and values across the organization. Interior branding solutions start with wall murals, which help create unity around your brand message. Plus, they are also incredibly decorative! This article will discuss why interior branding solutions are important and how wall murals can be used as an effective interior branding tool.

The Importance of Interior Design

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Interior branding solutions are an effective way to spread your company’s message.

An important consideration when designing your office space is to create a vibe and an ambiance that suit your brand values, message, and mission. Decorating with your logo might not be enough – it’s about creating a space that will inspire team members to work harder for you because they love your product or service. It’s important to unify your team around a shared mission. Signs can be both decorative and increase the impact of your brand in order to show off what makes you unique and different from competitors in the marketplace.

People first enter a building and then your office, which means that in order to greet them, you need to do so with an inviting and welcoming environment. One of the best ways to start doing this is by having decorative signage that your clients can see when they walk in. Logos that match the branding style will send a message of uniformity, while signs can be both decorative and increase brand impact by allowing you to communicate your brand values, message, and mission.

Incorporating Wall Murals Into Your Business

To incorporate wall murals into your business and leverage the benefits of both decorative and branding opportunities, first decide what message you want to communicate to clients and employees. Once that is decided, figure out where the space you plan on using will live, such as a waiting room or employee break room. Choose colors that fit your brand message to help make those walls pop with color.

  • If you’re working in a high-rise, adding one of these to your office space will provide an eye-catching focal point for clients and customers who come by for appointments. 
  • They also create an amazing environment that inspires creativity, creates a sense of community, fosters collaboration, and unifies team around a shared mission. 
  • Mural themes are all over the place! There’s artwork inspired by Van Gogh, Monet, and Picasso, motivational quotes from famous authors like John Maxwell or J.K Rowling – there are even movie posters with quotes from Star Wars or athlete quotes! 

Whatever theme suits your taste or mood – there’s a mural waiting for you! Contact us at Magnify Signs today for your free quote!