Channel letter signs are an elegant way to advertise your business and attract your target audience to enter your shop. Today, we want to write more about this fantastic signage solution and how you can get the most out of it.

What Are Channel Letter Signs?

Custom channel letter signs are frequently seen on storefronts- you’ve probably seen them in most strip malls- and can be crafted in a variety of ways to fit any business’ need. They can be lighted or non-lighted, but common practice is to light them up to make them more visible, especially at night. In other words, channel letter signs are not only elegant but also an excellent 24/7 advertising tool.

Uses for Your Channel Letter Signs

channel letter signs in Denver

There are several types of channel letters- the most common of which is a front lit channel letter, which has a custom color face and light is reflected through the face of the letter, in a warm, readable glow, such as the image below from Health Images. The image above, from Perch in Cherry Creek North, is an example of a halo lit channel letter, where the LED lighting reflects from the back and gives the sign a more three dimensional perspective. Channel letters can also have open faces and be filled with neon or LED lighting, and all channel letters, regardless of style, can be formed in any font, style or shape, including logo boxes, to meet the outdoor signage needs of any owner. Channel letters can be as small as 6” and up. Look around on your drive home and see if you can spot channel letters! Odds are good that you can.

No matter if you have a restaurant downtown or a car wash company, channel letter signs can be used in any business industry and are very effective in creating brand awareness.

Channel Letter Signs in Denver

Choose Magnify Signs for Your Custom Channel Letter Signs

At Magnify Signs, we can create just about any design of channel letter sign with a wide variety of colors for commercial use. All of our signage solutions are made with the highest standards of quality by highly qualified designers.  

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