Metal plaques are excellent additions to your building’s exterior and interior signage. Use them to recognize donors, commemorate special events, dedicate buildings or rely on them to brand your company in lieu of standard office signage. Plenty of companies are now discovering plaques as an excellent alternative to suite and lobby signs. There are two distinct choices: cast and etched plaques.

Cast Metal Plaques for Denver Venues Feature Raised Text

Etched Metal Plaques Denver

Our graphic artists favor the casting method when manufacturing plaques that display great depths and dimensions that are more noticeable. Letters are at least one quarter of an inch tall. This is the type of product that you would select to make your company’s name, suite number or similar short bit of content stand out. Opt for a basic border or a single line. It is interesting to note that you can tweak the appearance of the plaque by artificially aging the material.

For your bronze plaques, we can create a look that hints at various levels of oxidization. If you prefer, we can also add a green or turquoise patina that truly takes on a weathered appearance. Of course, for the factory-new look, we suggest a high polish that makes the metal shine. Backgrounds vary, depending on your taste. A leatherette or sand look brings out the beauty of the foreground lettering. Finish the design with a clear coat. A matte look does not reflect the light, whereas a glossy finish reflects light the most.

Etched Metal Plaques in Denver Support Text-rich Designs

Cast Metal Plaques Denver

Etching can be done with the help of chemicals or as an engraving process with a laser. We recommend this process when you want to display a lot of text or images that feature plenty of details. For intricate customized artwork, this is an ideal medium. We recommend the use of stainless steel, copper, bronze or brass. If you opt for laser engraving, consider the use of aluminum. During the process, we beautify the finished product with colors that include shades of gold or black.

These plaques are ideal for wayfinding assistance, for the display of EVAC maps and also for telling the story of your company’s founder. Non-profit organizations like to commission these types of products for their donor walls, since they allow the group to create a visually pleasing donor tree setup with a plaque that puts the contributions into perspective.

Ordering Your Plaque Today

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When you are not entirely certain what manufacturing method would be the most advantageous for your project, talk to the signage experts at Magnify Signs. We work with you to create a look that suits your venue and succeeds at communicating effectively with your customers or clients. We include the artwork and text that you would like to display via the plaque.

Next, we create sketches that offer you insight into the projected finished look of the product. If your presentation includes a mix of text and graphics, either manufacturing method may be applicable. Our graphic artists offer you their expertise when putting together the order. Call us today to get started.

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