Finding the solution to your custom business signage needs can be tricky. At Magnify Signs, we have a big black binder full of Denver Metro’s zoning exterior signage regulation and code that tells us what we can and can’t do for a custom exterior sign. It may be difficult at times, but we always find a signage solution for our clients, and that’s what we did for MasTec.

Formed Plastic Letters for MasTec in Centennial, CO

MasTec is a technology company located in Centennial, CO. In their zone, lightbox signs and channel letter signs are not permitted. So, the sign experts at Magnify had to think outside the box, and they came up with the perfect solution.

The above sign is made from custom formed plastic letters. The sign includes their company name, logo, and tagline, which has plenty of small lettering. Instead of using an expensive aluminum substrate to make a custom cut aluminum sign, we created a custom formed plastic letters layout which was much less expensive than aluminum.

Formed Plastic Letters for MasTec in Centennial, CO

The letters are UV stable and fade resistant, ensuring the colors stay bold and bright in the hot Colorado sun. The letters also have more depth to them than other flat cut letters, giving the sign a slight three-dimensional look, and adding to the overall boldness of the sign.

The reason the big black binder full of sign code is at our office and not yours is because we’re experts at creating unique sign solutions for our clients. If you have a signage issue you need help resolving, give us a call. We’ll ensure that your business can Be Seen!