The Impact of a Monument Sign to Your Business

A monument sign is a freestanding sign that is designed to be viewed from ground level. It has two components: masonry and signage. The masonry element includes brick, natural stone, concrete or even iron and other forms of metal. The signage component can include acrylic signs, cabinet signs, channel letters, molded plastics, and other types of materials that fit with the theme and style of the business. They incorporate lighting, logos, corporate emblems or even graphics that help to brand and identify the company.

Monument signs can be modern in their style or designed to look rustic or very classic. This type of sign announces your organization is reliable, stable and dependable, an important message to send to your existing and potential customers.

Custom Monument Signs

A popular community church in Jefferson County needed a new monument sign and reached out the experts at Magnify Signs to work with them. We designed a solid structure made of flagstone rock used in other parts of the facility, tying the sign to The Rock name.

Our sign experts built a monument sign from the ground up. Under the sign is a cement base, which supports several layers of masonry stone that tower up 89” and across 180”. On top of the foundation are two cedar beams spanning 147.5” across by 63” high, as a frame for the sign centerpiece.

custom monument signs

Custom Masonry Stone with Aluminum Panel Monument sign for The Rock Community Church in Littleton, CO

The sign design included welded steel brackets that hold a 120” wide by 42” tall aluminum panel with personalized custom graphics prints mounted on the face of either side. The dark background makes The Rock Community Church name, logo and website pop off the sign, easily visible for passersby, especially at night.

Looking for a sophisticated sign? You may want to try a monument. Many businesses, communities and neighborhoods or venues have found that monument signage is exceptionally effective taking their brand further and advertising their messages to draw in customers.

Wait no more! Your business, church, or school could benefit from their versatility and elegance as well. Reach out to the experts at Magnify Signs to get yours today!