Denver is a generous city. There are annual charity auctions put on by supporters of the Children’s Hospital, the Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies and a wide variety of amateur and professional sports teams. No matter what set of activities becomes part of your auction, whether you are a small outfit that rents out a small venue or one that commandeers the Tivoli Event Center, you need the right event signage for charity events in Denver.

What Are Your Product Options for Charity Auction Signage?

Event and Charity Auction Signs Denver

Gator board signs. These are sturdy signs, which are perfect for display on easels. They mention program highlights and display the organization’s name and logo. Place these products near the entrance to the auction or close to the check-in areas. Combining them with secondary signage solutions for wayfinding is an excellent option. This material is also ideal for the display of 36-inch by 48-inch boards that identify the prizes.

Coroplast signs. Lightweight and colorful, mount these signs to walls and doors. They make excellent informative markers for display in underground parking garages when attendees need help with identifying the best parking locations. These markers also do double-duty as check-in table signs. Since it is easy to add a logo and any other information, they provide a bit more data for those who are actively in the process of registering, checking in or signing up.

Event and Charity Banners Denver

Banners. Welcome attendees with a large event banner that spans the width of the hall. Have a secondary vinyl banner that you hang on the exterior of your venue. It guides motorists and those on foot to your door. In addition, it creates a buzz and heightens the excitement of those who are already walking in. Excited charity auction attendees are those who will bid more.

A-frames. Use them for wayfinding opportunities. When your auction is broken up among different venue rooms, these products help to guide bidders. This is usually the case when some items call for security measures during display.

Flags. Flutter flags and similar products find use for auctions that benefit animal-related causes. There is something about these products that folks associate with this type of charitable event. Use them to highlight the logo of the organization.

Posters. Create artistic displays on the walls with the help of posters. Depict recipients of the funds raised, which in turns encourages even more enthusiastic participation by attendees. After all, it makes a great impact to show the names, faces and likenesses of those who have directly benefited from the assistance. When combined with multi-media presentations in the same vein, you have the opportunity to raise awareness while encouraging participation.

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