What is a Routed Wood Sign?

Routed wood is exactly what you picture, a sign made of wood. Routing adds a three dimensional effect that can also be painted custom colors to convey depth, and make the sign easily readable. Since we specialize in making custom designs, custom routed wood is a great look that offers the precision of modern sign fabrication and the “old school” look and feel of using earthly materials as opposed to aluminum.

Benefits of Using Routed Wood Signs

Generates a Natural Connection

The natural warmth of the wood helps create a welcoming and relaxing space for your current and future clients. There is no surprise why signs at yoga retreats and mountain resorts are often made out of wood. Routed wood signs complement nature. In the above example at OCC Imaging, the client wanted a look and feel to convey Colorado’s western spirit and still maintain a professional look. This 1.5” thick beetle kill pine, harvested locally and  milled, routed, and painted, exceeded their expectations, because it exuded the Rocky Mountain spirit.

TextureBenefits of Using Routed Wood Signs in Denver

Wood, unlike aluminum or acrylic, has built in texture in the grain that give it additional appeal beyond just being a colored surface. Wood can also be stained, or used in compliment with aluminum or steel to give off an “industrial chic” or rustic vibe. Beetle kills pine, or barn wood, which we used in The Rock Church interior signage, pictured below, offer unique textures and grains due to their age and exposure, and make great custom signs.Mahogany, California Redwood, or oak also offer their own interesting textures and characteristics, and hold significance regionally and historically.

Trendy and versatile

Routed wood signs can be used for many purposes. For instance, they work perfectly as custom directional signage, guiding walkers on a garden path, or as part of great monument signs.

Custom wooden signs can be sized as small as 4 inches and as large as 25 feet. They can be hung inside or outside, and offer excellent longevity against the elements. For more ornate signs, they can be painted, or even metal coated or decorated with gold or silver leaf. All in all, a routed wood sign makes your business look professional while uniquely transmitting a sense of stability.

Are You Interested in Obtaining all the Benefits of a Routed Wood Sign?

Whether you are looking for business park tenant signs, directional signs, lobby, church reader boards, or residential entrance signs, at Magnify Signs not only we create routed signs on wood but also on high-density urethane, and other materials.

Start experiencing the benefits of a custom-made routed wood sign for your business today. Give us a call at 303-647-9005 or get your free quote here.

Foyer Sign with an Aluminum Panel inbetween Wooden Clamps for The Rock Church in Littleton, CO