“For 2016 we wanted to update our trade show booth presence and display. The trade show season was quickly approaching and we called upon Magnify Signs to help us create a new and improved trade show booth display. They provided great service and turned around a great booth display in very tight turnaround times.” ~Megan Haynes, WaterPulseWaterPulse Trade Show Display Booth

Trade Show season is particularly important for a company like WaterPulse.  They sell gardening technology whichs mimics the natural capillary action of soil to move water through plants more efficiently. Their products produce less waste, use less water, and improve the quality of the plants.  Every year, they have to be ready to showcase their innovative product at Trade Shows and demonstrate how the product works with videos and visual graphics.

Magnify Signs made sure WaterPulse was ready to go when the season started. For their new Trade Show Display, we put together a 10 wide by 10 high tri-panel booth design which allows for TVs to be mounted without interfering with the printed graphics behind it. The videos playing on the TVs demonstrate the technology of the watering mats, while the graphics talk about the product’s benefits.WaterPulse_Blog_1

Megan Haynes from WaterPulse said “everyone from Magnify Signs was great to work with and we are excited to use them for our next project!”

Are you prepared for to showcase YOUR company at the next trade show? Come talk to us at Magnify to see how we can help out.