The process of expressing and solving problems via visual symbols, typography, photography, and illustration is sign design. Graphic design is purely practical, as each sign has a defined purpose that affects your brand. While some signs are expressly designed for advertising purposes, others are designed to answer frequently asked questions. 

How Do You Design a Sign That Brings Your Brand to Life?

Sign design is what your prospective customer sees when purchasing a product from you. Here is how to design a sign that will bring your brand to life: 

  • Coroplast® Signs | MagSigns: expert signage servicesDesign with Contrasting Colors: Use contrasting colors to make your message very obvious and attract attention. 
  • Choose Easy to Read Fonts: When creating a sign design, you should pay special attention to the fonts. It is not advisable to use more than two fonts in a design and consider the hierarchy of information in your sign. 
  • Use Negative Space: Sign designs with too much content, photographs, and graphics, will deter prospective clients. It could seem like a good idea to include as much information as possible on a sign. Negative space in a sign design layout helps the reader absorb the content by singling out essential information.

How Do You Combine Design Elements to Strengthen Your Brand Image? 

To combine design elements, you need first to define your brand’s visual identity. The visual identity of every brand is made up of three essential elements:

  • The Colors 
  • The Fonts 
  • The Image

The components of every brand work together to produce a more sophisticated view. A logo, for example, uses a brand’s colors, fonts, and graphics all at once. Likewise, websites, emails, business cards, and other branding materials use these features.

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