Sometimes the signage used by previous tenants can leave their mark on a business building, usually in the form of a faded spot on the wall. Café 180 in Englewood, CO had this issue when they occupied their space and found an old sign cabinet on the exterior. Café 180 was referred to the sign experts at Magnify Signs through their colleagues at Good Turn Cycles in Littleton, CO to get the problem solved.

To fill the sign cabinet where the previous tenant’s sign had been, the sign experts designed and produced a set of acrylic letters and a circular polycarbonate sign of the Café 180 logo to go with it.  The letters stand 13.75” tall and go about 40” across, while the circular logo has a diameter of 36”, and has a graphic vinyl print mounted on the face. The sign is flush mounted to the wall, and goes very well with the preexisting exterior sign.

The need for signage can arise from business problems, whether it’s a cosmetic problem or problem with directing clients and customers. The sign experts at Magnify Signs have over 30 years of sales, marketing, and design experience for that purpose: to solve your signage problems and meet your signage needs. Pick up the phone and give us a call, we’ll solve your signage problems so you can Be Seen.