When your business takes pride in its customer service, it’s important to ensure your employees feel empowered to deliver that service. A big, dramatic speech to motivate employees everyday would be a pretty tedious chore, but luckily, sometimes signage can do the job just as well. Metro Express, the largest car wash in Denver, tested this theory by having the sign experts at Magnify Signs create a logo wall to help motivate employees.

Custom Cut Vinyl Logo and Lettering for Metro Express Car Wash in Englewood, CO


“Be the Best Today” is all John Frey needs to say to his employees to empower them. Pictured above is that phrase in the Metro Express red, with their company logo placed above. The space occupied by the two signs is 68 and a half inches long by 25 inches high. The folks at Metro Express placed a canvas-style photo of their drive-thru wash below the sign.

Custom Aluminum Sign for Metro Express Car Wash in Englewood, CO

John Frey also knows how to use signage as a solution to his company problems. Many customers were going through the drive-thru wash and pulling over to inspect their cars after exiting, causing a disruption in the line’s flow. To solve the problem, John had the sign experts place this 36 by 24-inch aluminum sign to direct customers to the vacuum area of his wash.

The sign experts at Magnify not only understand the logistics of signs, but the power of signage and what it can do. It can improve your bottom line, motivate employees, and guide customers all at once. Give us a call to schedule a free site survey (limited time offer), and we’ll see how signage can improve your business and help you Be Seen all at once.