Vehicle magnets are perfect for vehicles that are both for private and commercial use. When you don’t want to advertise and just drive your car, you can remove the magnet. However, when you do want to attract customers, they can be easily put back on, creating an effective advertisement without being annoying to the public or other drivers on the road. Vehicle magnets are removable, reusable, and easy to change in case you want to update your message or design.

Vehicle Magnets for Private Use

Vehicle magnets are great for use on personal vehicles. These are vehicles that are used solely by one person, usually a driver. The magnets can be taken off when you don’t want to advertise or drive your car when you don’t want to advertise. However, if you do choose to leave your vehicle magnet on, it’s still possible that people will notice your vehicle is parked somewhere and visit your website in order to find out more about what you’re advertising about. There are many different types of magnetic advertisements available, including magnetic flags and magnetic window signs.

Vehicle Magnets for Businesses

If you run a business, especially one with a fleet of vehicles, custom vehicle magnets are an excellent way to advertise your company name. They can be customized to fit your brand image perfectly, printed on durable vinyl, and are designed to last outdoors in any type of weather. You can choose from hundreds of different shapes and sizes to find exactly what fits your car or truck best. Whether you’re looking for something classic or trendy, our selection has something for everyone! No matter how you use them, vehicle magnets are a cost-effective way to show off your brand and get noticed while driving around town. At Magnify Signs, we can create a vehicle magnet specifically for you and your business!. And if you need more than just magnets for your car or fleet, we have plenty of other options available as well — like vehicle wraps or lettering.