You already know that your business signage is your calling card. It is usually one of the first introductions a consumer has to your company. Using building signs as well as interior markers to actively brand your products and company effectively relies in large part on the selection of your style elements as well as hues. Choosing the right colors for business signage in Denver does not have to be difficult.

Creating an Appealing Contrast

Signage falls flat when you fail to create a visual contrast. Consider that a sign may look attractive close up, but at a distance, it is almost impossible to read. This is frequently the case when you combine colors that are too similar in shade. For example, mauve and dusty rose may look great together, but drivers a block away will have a hard time to separate these hues and make out the lettering. Better combinations are blue and orange, red and black or similar contrasts that are more dramatic.

Choosing a Background with Care

A busy background easily overpowers the lettering in the foreground. Although a purple paisley backdrop looks very attractive for a spa sign, it takes away from the ease with which a consumer would read purple lettering in the foreground. A solid background makes more sense because it does not take away attention from the lettering. A good compromise is the selection of very light backgrounds, as would be the case with subliminal imagery, which hints at images but does not display them with bold colors.

Making Color Psychology Work for Your Company

Experts have written volumes about the psychological effects of colors on people. Studies show that consumers like the idea of clearly defined color contrasts that make visual separation of backdrop and foreground easy. Choose warm colors for a spa or salon setting where you want consumers to come and spend an afternoon. Soft orange, red and yellow hues are ideal. For a jarring attention getter, hot pink or bold red works well.

When you seek to inspire confidence with your signage, consider the use of blue. Color psychology also includes the societal color associations that have been made. For example, add green and white, or green and brown, to your signage to signal environmentally friendly products or services. Pink is still a color associated with feminine What colors should I choose for Corporate Signage in Denverproducts. Black is the ultimate chic color that signals sophistication. Combine it with brushed silver metal for an amazing effect.

Choosing the Right Colors for Business Signage in Denver Today

The signage experts at Magnify Signs ensure that you will be seen. We work with you to devise a look that appeals to your target demographic while marketing and branding your company. Our graphic artists have worked with countless businesses from a broad range of niches. We understand what companies are looking for in their signage, what your competition is choosing and how consumers are responding to the markers that our clients commission. Call us today to get started on your order and commission business signage in the right colors for your Denver location.

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