Would you believe it if we told you the graphic artists at Magnify Signs design the types of lobby signs Denver members of the business community cannot do without? It’s true!

Building a Brand from the Inside

Custom lobby signs Denver

Brand your business. The sign in your lobby gives visitors a glimpse of your business approach. It quickly identifies you as an artistic business, a company that values outside-the-box thinking or as a corporation with a strong penchant for traditions. In so doing, the lobby marker works hand in hand with your foyer design to reinforce the branding message.

Market your confidence. When you sell green widgets, you want your customers to know that you are the best retailer from whom to buy them. If you service blue widgets, you cannot do business unless you persuade your clients that you are the best in the business. The right lobby sign instills this sense of confidence in consumers.

Lobby Signs Denver

Make a great first impression. A tired, outdated or missing lobby sign makes a first impression – but it is not a good one. You will not get a second chance at this first impression. Wow those visiting your offices with a unique, customized and smart signage product that hits all the right notes.

Building Your Reception Sign

Acrylic reception area signs Denver

What sets apart our graphic artists and technicians from those who are doing business elsewhere? For starters, we are firm believers in beginning every consultation with a site survey. At that time, we take measurements, investigate the makeup of the wall surface and take in your interior decorating scheme. Doing so makes a huge difference.

Spatial information. It allows us to learn more about the office’s setup, which directly influences the sizing of the marker. One of the worst mistakes a signage professional can make is the erroneous suggestion of a height and width. Make a mistake here, and the marker is either too large or too small for the lobby.

Mounting options. Some walls cannot handle certain types of installation hardware. Some signs are so heavy that they require specialty hooks. We let you know ahead of time what mounting options you have. There are no surprises.


Acrylic Lobby Signs Denver Metro AreaStyle element selection. You probably already have your artwork on file. This includes the look of your logo and font of your company name. We incorporate these with style elements that bring out your branding message and tie in to your interior décor. This is not something that you want to leave to chance.

When local merchants and service providers are ready to order lobby signs, Denver companies know to call us. Our business clients like the time we take during the consultation and the way we listen intently to your vision for the finished product. We can help you create your very first lobby sign or assist you with the creation of an updated marker after a recent re-branding. When you do not yet have artwork on file, we can help you with that, too. Call us today to set up your consultation and to find out what a lobby sign could say about your business.

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