Coroplast Signs (also known as yard signs or display boards) are signs made from the corrugated plastic material developed by Coroplast, LLC. The brand name material has become so popular that “coroplast” is now a generic term used to signify the sign material. Coroplast is used as substrate for custom graphic prints, and is best used as mobile or short –term signs, such as lawn and yard signs, or informational signs at events.

Why a Customized Sign?

Your brand is your identity and we make it possible to build a stronger brand with a customized business sign. Coroplast signs are great for mobile or temporary signs! The custom graphics printed on the material will always come out looking tremendous. The best way to attract customers and help them find your business is by displaying a custom business sign expressing your unique brand. The signs experts at Magnify Signs are your best option for getting custom coroplast signs in Englewood, CO and the surrounding Denver metro area.

  • Light-Weight
    Coroplast is a very light-weight material. The weight makes custom coroplast signs easy to transport and ideal for temporary yard or window signs, or they could be used as a part of a trade show display, to name only a few examples.
  • Customizable
    With Coroplast, YOU have the control to make a custom coroplast sign into any size and shape, without affecting the quality of your stunning custom print graphics on the face of the sign.
  • Inexpensive
    Coroplast signs are high quality, but are inexpensive compared to Styrene signs, for example. If you need a quick but quality sign without breaking the company budget, Coroplast is the way to go.
  • Disposable
    If you buy a coroplast sign for temporary use, you can simply toss the sign in the trash once you are done (although, we recommend recycling!)
  • Durable
    While being light-weight, the material’s thickness makes it durable and easy to leave outside. The plastic face of an outdoor coroplast sign holds up to the elements and won’t get damaged easily by the outside world.
  • Wide Variety of Uses
    Coroplast has a wide variety of uses. We could print your custom graphics onto standard 18 by 24 inch Coroplast boards for yard signs, or a wide 48 by 96 inch informational sign for an exhibit at an event. Whatever the need, we can meet it.

From the Magnifying Glass Blog

Annual Events, Annual Custom Coroplast Signs (posted September 28, 2016)

“At the oral auction, fifteen 18 inch by 24 inch Coroplast signs were displayed, each with dynamic custom printed vinyl mounted onto the face. Each board had a few photos along with a description of the item being sold for auction. These boards were displayed during the opening reception, then shown to the entire audience as the auctioneer sold the items.”

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