Schools and educational facilities often have a need for custom building signs, such as wall decals, monument signs, lettering & graphics, directional signage, and even promotional signs to help communicate with attendees, visitors, and the greater community. Using custom building signs to mark doors, hallways, common areas, and outdoor spaces can really help avoid confusion and make it easy for students, teachers, and visitors navigate school buildings. In addition to room identification signs, custom outdoor plaques and signs can also be very helpful for displaying school rules and policies in areas where sports and outdoor play occurs.
Schools of all sizes and purposes can benefit from having well-designed signage. Custom building signs can help new visitors easily find you, as well as find the right building or door to enter. Interior building signs can be used to mark individual classrooms and specialty rooms, such as science or computer labs. At Magnify Signs, we can design and create a wide range of building signs for your school, from banners to permanent signs inside and outside your facility.

School Building Signs That Help You Communicate

Custom building signs for schools are an essential form of communication between the school and the community. For example, custom outdoor plaques and signs with either interchangeable letters or a digital sign can be used to offer new messages regularly. From announcements about enrollment, to advertising special events or important critical functions, these types of signs are perfect for supporting open communication and building a brand identity.

Additionally, having custom building signs that include your school logo and message will reflect the spirit and culture of your school and help build a positive reputation.

Some key custom building signs your school may need include:

  • Pylon and light-box signs for outdoors.
  • A monument sign.
  • Navigation signs for inside and outside your building.
  • Interchangeable letter signs for constant communication.
  • Signs for safety rules.
  • Signs that list your school’s enrollment periods.
  • Banners for special events.
  • Sports and club signs.
  • LED signs that can be programmed for changing displays.
  • Signs that share the school’s history and awards.

Magnify Signs knows the signage requirements of various communities within Denver, which means we can help design signs that comply with all rules and regulations. Additionally, we can help you with the permitting process for getting your signs approved.

Set Your School Up For Success With The Right Custom Building Signs

When you need building signs made that properly represent your school and help to keep it a safe and organized space, Magnify Signs can work with you to deliver exactly what you need. Whether its navigation signs for your campus or a monument sign that commands attention, Magnify Signs can help design, create, and install your signs. Contact us to find out more about working with us and to arrange a complimentary quote.