When making a good first impression, lobby signs are key. After all, they are often the first thing your customers and clients will see when they enter your building. An attention-grabbing lobby sign can significantly impact how people perceive your brand and make them feel more welcome. 

What is the Purpose of Your Lobby Sign

Make a lasting impression on visitors staff installing lobby sign

The purpose of your lobby signs is to make a lasting impression on visitors and employees alike. It’s the first thing a client sees when they walk into your office or building, setting the tone for their experience with your brand. An attention-grabbing lobby sign can convey your brand values, professionalism, and credibility. It can also be a wayfinding tool, helping people navigate your space and locate important areas. Before designing your lobby sign, consider what message you want to convey and what impression you want to leave on your audience. Consider your brand identity, target audience, and the type of business you operate. A well-designed lobby sign can be a powerful tool for elevating your brand image and making a memorable first impression.

What is Your Budget

Checking your budget is a crucial step in designing your lobby sign. Your budget will impact the sign’s size, materials, and design. However, investing in a high-quality lobby sign can provide a significant return on investment by leaving a lasting impression on visitors and potential customers. Before finalizing your budget, consider the lifespan of the sign. If you anticipate changing your logo or brand image soon, investing in an expensive, permanent sign may be something other than investing in. Conversely, if your brand image remains consistent for a long time, it may be worthwhile to invest in a durable and high-quality sign that will last. 

What are Your Sign Material Options

The lobby sign of a business is vital in creating a lasting first impression on customers, and choosing the right sign material is crucial in achieving this goal. Several popular sign material options are available, including acrylic, metal, wood, glass, and vinyl. 

  • Acrylic signs provide a modern and sleek appearance and can be customized with various colors, fonts, and shapes. 
  • Metal signs offer a sophisticated and professional look and can be made in different finishes, such as brushed, polished, or painted. 
  • Wood signs provide a natural and warm feel suitable for rustic brands or the hospitality industry.
  • Glass signs offer a high-end and sophisticated appearance, and vinyl signs are cost-effective, durable, versatile, and easy to customize. 

Choosing the right sign material depends on a business’s brand image, budget, and aesthetic preferences, and it is advisable to work with a reputable sign company like Magnify Signs that can guide selecting the best option.