Illumination Options for Channel Letters

There are two main ways of illuminating channel letters, Halo Lit and Front Lit. Take a deeper look so you can make an informed decision about which one is the best choice for your business.

Halo Lit Channel Letters

Also known as reverse channel letter or back-lit channel letters, they are a great way to showcase your company by giving your sign a distinctive and memorable approach. The letters create a prominent halo effect by emitting light on the wall behind the letters instead of in front of the letters.

Use this type of channel letters for building name recognition, reinforcing brand awareness, and providing wayfinding aid.

Front Lit Channel Letters

Also called standard channel letters, they cast illumination only from the front of the letters. They can be mounted to a raceway, wireway, or flush mounted to the building.

Standard channel letters are a preferred choice when it comes to outdoor business signs, storefront identification, university identification, airport illuminated, apartment identification, illuminated entrance monuments, shopping malls, and outdoor plazas. They are incredibly effective in directing potential clients and customers to your location.

Custom Channel Letters and Logo for Good Turn Cycles in Littleton, COBoth options can be lit by LEDs lowering the operating costs. Channel letters are custom designed allowing business owners to fully create their logo into a two or three-dimensional visual representation of their business. This type of sign will surely make your business noticeable.

If you need help deciding between halo-lit and front-lit channel letters, contact a professional sign company like Magnify Signs. Discuss your plans with our expert designers for input. We will gladly visit your location for a site survey, which makes it possible to present you with options based on measurements, façade setup, and local zoning regulations. Plus, we have over 30 years of helping businesses across Colorado grow and Be Seen!Magnify Signs

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